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段林希或成快女最后一届冠军 - Duan Linxi is the last 'Super Girl' winner print version
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The Hunan TV 'Super Girl' singing show has concluded this week with Duan Linxi winning the title. She might be the last show champion, as the show was suspended by China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The official excuse for the suspension is the show exceeding its two-hour episode time limit throughout the last season, but many assume the real reason is the fact that the show is considered quite vulgar and was criticized several times by politicians.

9月16日晚 "快乐女声"[1]3强终极夺冠之夜[2]正式在湖南卫视[3]举行。快女经过一路披荆斩棘[4]留到现在的全国3强洪辰(Hong Chen)、刘忻(Liu Xin)、段林希[5]一举争夺冠军的光荣。经过一整晚的激烈比赛,选手[6]段林希成为黑马霸气称王[7]。而备受的刘忻却倒灶居于三位,这一结果让人大吃一惊[8]

新闻发言人[9]李浩(Li Hao)向记者证实,因为今年快女节目超时[10]等原因,国家广电总局[11]日前已经通报,停止湖南卫视2012年选秀[12]类电视活动,这也就意味着明年不管是"快女"还是"快男"(Super Boy, another singing-contest reality show),明年都不会再有,段林希可能会成为最后一届选秀冠军。


On the night of September 16th, the Hunan Satellite TV 'Super Girl' top-three-final formally took place. Super Girl passed a road full of difficulties until the current three strongest competitors, Hong Chen, Liu Xin and Duan Linxi competed for the honor of the champion. After an evening full of intense competition, Duan Linxi has become the 'dark horse' that wins the title. Fully experienced Liu Xin has moved down to the third place, leaving the viewers speechless.

After last night's competition ended, news spokesman of the Hunan Satellite TV, Li Hao, confirmed that because this year 'Super Girl' has exceeded its airing time limit, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) has informed several days ago that the Hunan Satellite TV reality-competition shows for 2012 are suspended. This means that next year Super Girl and Super Boy will both not take place. Duan Linxi might be Hunan TV's last 'reality' champion.

Li Hao said that after receiving the notice by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Hunan Satellite TV has learned a serious lesson, and will wholeheartedly organize and reform itself. This will be conducted traverse deducting content and controlling time length, and implanting positive themes of benevolence and environmental protection. Super Girl will also be perfected in this manner.

Duan Lixi performing the song 'because love' (因为爱情)  and in the 2011 Super Girl final

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[1] "快乐女声" (快女 in short) kuàilè nǚshēng -  Literally 'happy woman voice', a reality women-singing competition, aired since 2004.

[2] 终极夺冠之夜 zhōng jí duóguàn zhī yè - The final championship-winning night

[3] 湖南卫视 húnán wèi shì - Hunan Satellite TV, Hunan Broadcasting System TV; a Hunan-based TV network, which is China's second largest network after CCTV

[4] 披荆斩棘 pī jīng zhǎn jí - Pass a road full of difficulted

[5] 段林希 duàn lín xī - Duan Linxi - A Yunnan province, 21 years old, female singer who is the surprising winner of the 2011 Super Girl TV contest

[6] 选手 xuǎnshǒu - Competitor, candidate

[7] 黑马霸气称王 hēimǎ bà qì chēng wáng - The 'dark horse' proclaims himself as king aggressively, an unexpected winner that obtains the crown

[8] 大吃一惊 dà chī yī jīng - Greatly surprised, shocked

[9] 新闻发言人 xīnwén fāyánrén - News spokesman

[10] 超时 chāo shí - Exceed a time limit

[11] 国家广电总局 guójiā guǎng diàn zǒngjú - The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT)

[12] 选秀 xuǎn xiù - 'Select talent', the Chinese name for TV (reality) competitions, where TV viewers select the winner

[13] 吸取教训 xīqǔ jiàoxun - Draw/learn a lesson

[14] 整改 zhěng gǎi - Reorganize & reform

[15] 精练内容 jīngliàn nèiróng - Concise (edit) content

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