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德罗巴正式宣布加盟申花 中超迎历史第一球星 - Drogba officially joins Shanghai Shenhua, becoming the biggest football star in the history of the Chinese league print version
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After months of speculations, the Chinese Super League has officially made its biggest recruit to date, as Shanghai Shenhua signs former Chelsea star Didier Drogba for a 2 and a half year contract. In his announcement, Drogba looks forward to the new challenge and even takes on the task of ambassador of Chinese football.

科特迪瓦(Ivory Coast)球星[1]德罗巴(Drogba)在其个人网站上宣布,他的下一站将是上海申花(Shanghai Shenhua),双方签订了一份两年半合同。德罗巴在公告中写到:"我在今天非常高兴地确认,我已经与中国俱乐部[2]上海申花签约[3]。我和申花签订了一份为期两年半的合同,我将在7月份加入到球队中。我认为加盟[4]上海申花对于现在的我来说是一个正确的决定。我期待新挑战[5],期待去体验新的文化,我也为中超联赛(Chinese Super League)近来的发展感到兴奋。我希望能对在全世界范围[6]内推广中国足球起到帮助作用,并且能进一步增强中国与非洲(Africa)的联系。"

5月22日,切尔西(Chelsea football club)宣布德罗巴离队。至于德罗巴的年薪[7],一种说法是1200万欧元(Euro);另一种是德罗巴的薪水将分为两块,一块是球星年薪,另一块则是球场[8]外的商业合同[9],年薪总额将超过1000万欧元。球迷[10]们终于可以目睹[11]"德罗巴+阿内尔卡(Nikolas Anelka)"这一组合了。


Ivory Coast football stat (Didier) Drogba announced on his personal website that his next stop will be Shanghai Shenhua. The two sides have signed a two and a half year contract. Drogba wrote the following in his announcement: "Im very happy to confirm today that I have already signed a contract with Shanghai Shenhua. The team and I signed a contract for two and a half years and I will join the team in this July. I believe that joining Shanghai Shenhua is the right decision for me at this time. I look forward for this new challenge, look forward to experience a new culture and I am also excited about the current development of the Chinese Super League. I hope this could assist in popularizing Chinese football and perhaps contribute to strengthening relations between China and Africa.

On May 22, Chelsea announced that Drogba is leaving the team. As for Drogba's new salary, one version state it is 12 million Euro. Another version claims that Drogba's salary is divided into two: one is the annual salary and the other concerns marketing outside the football field. The total annual salary will exceed 10 million Euro. Football fans can finally see with their own eyes the union of Drogba and Anelka (who formerly played together in Chelsea).Original article published by

[1] 球星 qiú xīng - Football star

[2] 俱乐部 jùlèbù - Club

[3] 签约 qiān yuē - Sign a contract

[4] 加盟 jiāméng - Join a club

[5] 挑战 tiozhàn - Challenge

[6]全世界范围 quánshìjiè fànwéi - Universal/global level

[7]年薪 nián xīn - Annual salary

[8] 球场 qiú chǎng - Football field

[9] 商业合同 shāngyè hétong - Commercial contract (for activities outside the football field)

[10] 球迷 qiúmí - Football fans

[11] 目睹 mùdǔ- See with ones own eyes

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