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龙年春晚舞美不错 赵本山缺席观众感失落 - Dragon New Year Gala: The artistic dancing was good, but spectators felt the absence of Zhao Benshan print version
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22晚,在《天下一家》温馨[1]的歌声中,龙年央视春晚[2]落下帷幕[3]。总体而言,今年春晚舞美[4]效果获得一致[5],但节目内容仍难令观众满意。今年由于赵本山[6]、周涛(Zhou Tao)等人的缺席[7],许多人在观看春晚的时候觉得难受。
在央视春晚直播[8]前,毕福剑(Bi Fuqian)曾透露,而在观看后大多数网友也都表示龙年春晚舞美效果不错。关于今年六位主持人[9]朱军(Zhu Jun)、李咏(Li Yong)、董卿(Dong Qing),毕福剑(Bi Fuqian)、撒贝宁(Sa Beining)、李思思(Li Sisi),有网友认为今年主持人变化很大,更活泼[10],称今年春晚"最精彩的不是节目,而是主持环节[11]"。

今年,由于赵本山的缺席,以及央视春晚减少语言类节目所占的比例,龙年春晚只剩下7个小品相声[12]。由黄宏(Huang Hong, a famous Harbin skit performer and writer)、沙溢(Sha Yi)表演的《荆柯刺秦》在春晚节目单曝光后的叫好[13]声是最高的。此外,蔡明混(Cai Minghun)表演的《天网恢恢》,曝出不少幽默的经典台词[14]。

The evening of the 22nd; During the performance of the song 'One home under heaven' (tianxia yi jia), the curtain of the Dragon New Year Gala went down. Overall, the final result of the dancing and art of this New Year Gala won a unanimous high appraisal, but the show's content still couldn't satisfy spectators. This year, many people were bothered by the absence of Zhao Benshan, Zhou Tao and other important people.

Before the live broadcast of the New Year Gala began, Bi Fujian revealed that the best feature to watch in this year's show is the artistic dancing. After the show, netizens also felt that the artistic dancing performances in this Dragon Year show were very good.

Concerning the six hosts of this year's show, Zhu Jun, Li Yong, Dong Qing, Bi Fujian, Sa Beining and Li Sisi, some netizens believe that this year the hosting changed dramatically, and was more lively, and added that this show's "most splendid feature wasn't the actual performances items but the hosting intervals".

The absence of Zhao Benshan caused a reduction in the portion of speech-comedy items in this New Year Gala, with only 7 short cross-talk (xiang sheng) items remaining. The highest applause was given to the item 'Jin ke ci qin' by Huang Hong and Sha Yi. In addition, the item 'Tian Wang Huihui' ('justice has a long arm') by Cai Minghun included some classic humorous jokes.  

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[1] 温馨 wēn xīn - Warm and pleasant

[2] 龙年央视春晚 lóngnián yāng shì chūn wǎn - Short for 龙年春节联欢晚会, Dragon year New Year Gala, the main national TV show, broadcasted on the night of the Chinese New Year. This year the CCTV show was held on January 22nd, the night of the new dragon year.

[3]落下帷幕 luòxià wéi mù - Drop the curtain, end the show

[4] 舞美 wǔ měi - Artistic dancing

[5] 好评 hǎo píng - High appraisal, good comments

[6] 赵本山 zhào běnshān - A famous Chinese skit and sitcom actor, who is currently engaged mostly in TV and theatre directing jobs.

[7] 缺席 quēxí - Absent, not attend

[8] 直播 zhíbō - Live broadcast

[9] 主持人 zhǔchí rén - Host

[10] 活泼 huópo - Vivid, lively

[11] 环节 huánjié - 'Linking items', the hosting intervals between performances

[12] 相声 xiàngsheng - 'Cross-talk', a comedic performance, most commonly in the form of a dialogue between two comedians. This traditional Chinese comic style is conducted in the Beijing dialect.

[13] 叫好 jiàohǎo - Applaud

[14] 台词tái cí - Actor lines

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