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Chinese Puzzles print version

In our Puzzles 'playground' we basically have 3 types of exercises : Find the Chinese Translation - Where you look up the Chinese meaning of given English terms, Find the Opposite (反义词) - Mark up the Chinese words with opposite meaning (antonyms) to the words given and Construct the Chinese Characters - Get a closer look at the Chinese radicals and assemble them together to construct familiar Chinese words.

Find the Chinese Translation - Classic Chinese Novels
Find the Opposite 反义词 - Feelings
Construct the Chinese Characters - Radicals 日,月,艹 and more
Find the Chinese Translation - Wild Cats, Wild Dogs
Find the Opposite 反义词 - Actions, Movement Verbs
Construct the Chinese Characters - Radicals 水, 手, 心

Tell a friend - 发给朋友

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