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网友赞邓文迪:姚明退役邓文迪出山 - Chinese netizens praise Wendi Deng: 'Yao Ming has retired, Wendi Deng is stepping up' print version
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Rupert Murdoch's 42 years old American-Chinese wife, Deng Wendi, has become a star in an instant, after she showed sharp instincts and aggressivity when protecting her husband in a public hearing (investigating further the 'phone-hacking scandal') that took place in London on July 19th. The Chinese media and netizens are following Deng and have a lot to say concerning her acts of protecting her 80 years old husband.  

听证会[1]一开始与会者都十分平静,邓文迪(Deng Wendi)身穿红色上衣[2]坐在丈夫默多克(Murdoch)身后。突然一个男子从黑色袋子里掏出白色蛋饼扔向默多克。众人都惊呆了,只有邓文迪反应很快,迅速从座位上跳起来,以迅雷一巴掌甩[3]向该男子,该男子似乎也对邓文迪的反击措手不及[4]。默多克似乎因为妻子的保护没有受到太大惊吓。不久听证会正常进行,邓文迪继续坐在老默多克身后,如同门神[5]。

英国(England)媒体迅速做出反应,对邓文迪"那一记响亮的耳光[6]"由衷赞叹,有国外媒体称邓文迪是"tiger wife",即"虎老婆"之意,也有媒体赞赏她是"up like a shot",像一颗射出的子弹。


据悉,邓文迪上学时就是当地学校一名出色的排球运动员[11],有网友赞叹,"姚明(Yao Ming)退役,邓文迪站出来,中国从来不缺武将[12]!","亚洲(Asia)女人果然威武[13],上得厅堂、下得厨房、保护丈夫、股市[14]上扬"。也有网友分析了此事对邓文迪的意义,"默多克娶了一个好老婆,连保镖钱[15]也省了。邓文迪立功了!巩固了自己在默多克家族中的地位!"。


As the public hearing began, participants were very calm. Deng Wendi was wearing a red jacket, sitting behind her husband Murdoch. Suddenly one man took out a white cake from a black bag and threw it on Murdoch. The crowd was all struck numb, only Deng responded very quickly, rapidly jumping from her chair, and with a lightning speed swinging a slap on that man, who seemed caught completely unprepared to Deng Wendi's response.

Murdoch seemed not too scared, due to the protection given by his wife. The public hearing resumed shortly after, and Deng Wendi continued sitting behind her husband, just like a 'door god'.

British media responded rapidly, expressing sincere admiration to 'that loud and resonant slap on the face'. Some foreign media reporters called Deng Wendi 'Tiger Wife', while other media reporters admired her for being 'up like a shot'.

In China, Deng Wendi's heroic act in saving her husband has become a discussion hotspot among netizens. The netizens are excited about Deng Wendi's 'being calm when facing danger', and analyze Deng's act in her counterattack.
It is reported that Deng was an outstanding volleyball player when she attended her local school in her student years. One internet surfer admires: "Yao Ming retires, Deng Wendi is stepping forward. China is never short of a military general", "Asian women are truly mighty, going higher to the big hall, stepping out of the kitchen, protecting the husband, going up the stock market." Some netizens also analyze the meaning of this incident to Deng: "Murdoch married a good wife, he even saved himself hiring a bodyguard for his money. Deng provides a meritorious service! Strengthening her status within the Murdoch clan!"

Deng Wendi grew up in Xuzhou and Guangzhou in China. She left the country to study abroad and after became a star in satellite TV. In 1999 she became Murdoch's third wife, and has since gave birth to two daughters.

Deng Wendi, standing behind and in front of her man

Another look at the famous slap,
Original article published by  搜狐网

[1] 听证会 tīng zhèng huì - Public hearing 

[2] 上衣 shàng yī - Jacket 

[3] 掌甩 zhăng shuăi - Hand swing 

[4] 措手不及 cuò shŏu bù jí - Caught unprepared 

[5] 门神 mén shén - 'Door god', a mighty spiritual protecter 

[6] 耳光 ĕr guāng - Slap on the face

[7] 英勇 yīng yŏng - Heroic 

[8] 谈论热点 tánlùn rèdiăn - Hot discussion topic 

[9] 临危不乱 lín wēi bù luàn - Staying calm when facing danger 

[10] 反击 făn jī - Counterattack 

[11] 排球运动员 páiqiú yùndòng yuán -  Volleyball player

[12] 武将  wŭ jiàng - Combat general, military officer 

[13] 威武 wēi wŭ - Powerful, mighty

[14] 股市 gŭ shì - Stock market 

[15] 保镖钱 băo biāo qián - 'Bodyguard' of money

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