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中国近半年来第一次增加美国债,还是美国的最大“债主“- For the First Time in Six Months, China has Increased the United States' National Debt, Though is Still the US' Biggest Creditor print version

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美国财政部在17日发布的报告显示, 今年3月,中国拥有的美国国债比上个月多了177亿美元,增加了2%。 中国拥有的美国国债达到了8952亿美元,还是美国最大的"债主"。 这是在最近六个月里中国第一次增加它的美国国债。

财政部的报告显示, 从2009年10月开始, 中国一直没有增加它的美国国债。 10月份的美国国债和9月份的一样,是9383亿美元,然后中国连续减少它的美国国债,其中2009年11月减少了93亿美元,12月减少了342亿美元; 2010年1月减少了58亿美元,2月减少了115亿美元。 不过, 无论中国增加还是减少美国国债,中国一直是美国最大的债权国。


报告还显示,外国拥有的美国国债增加了3.5%, 到了3.88万亿美元。 在第二位的是日本,它拥有的美国国债从2月底7685亿美元增加到7849亿美元。在第三位的是英国,它拥有的美国国债从2月的2335亿美元增加到2790亿美元。


United States' Ministry of Finance has published a report, showing that in March this year the amount  of the US national debt that China owns has been increased by over 17.7 billion US Dollars compared to the month before, a rise of 2%. The amount US debt that China possesses has reached 895.2 billion US Dollars, but China is still United State's biggest creditor. In the last 6 months, this is the first time that China has increased the US debt.

The report of the Ministry of Finance shows that since October 2009, China has never once increased the US national debt. In October the US national debt was identical to the debt in September, standing on 938.3 billion Dollars. In the following months, China has continuously reduced its possession of the US debt, including reducing it by 9.3 billion in November, 34.2 billion in December, 5.8 billion in January 2010, and 11.5 billion in February. Nevertheless, no matter whether China has increased or reduced its possession of the US debt, it remained the United State's biggest creditor nation.

Concerning the question whether to increase or reduce the US debt, China's State Council Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and relevant officials have said many times in the past that China has three demands towards its foreign-exchange reserve: The first is security, the second is flow and the third is keeping the value of foreign exchange unchanged or on the rise. The director of the country's foreign exchange control management, Yi Gang, has expressed in this year's National People's Congress and Chinese People Political Consultative Congress (CPPCC) that purchase and sell of US' national debt is a task that China's investment team performs almost daily. This is the manner of conduct in the investment market and the team doesn't want these tasks to be integrated with politics.

The report also demonstrates that the amount of American debt owned by foreign countries has increased by 3.5%, reaching 3.88 trillion Dollars. Japan is the number two investor, increasing its amount from 768.5 billion Dollars in the end of February to $784.9 billion. England is in the third position, increasing its possession from 233.5 billion Dollars in February to $279 billion.

There are analysts who believe that other countries will increase their possession of US dept, partially due to the fact that Europe's liabilities crisis brings people to invest their money in a more secure location. 


财政部 - Ministry of Finance
国债 - National Debt
债主 - Creditor, in this case a country that invests in another
国务院总 (guówùyuàn zǒng) -  State Council, the chief administrative authority in China
外汇储备(wàihuìchǔbèi) - Foreign-exchange reserve
易纲 (Yìgāng) - Yigang, the vice president of the People's Bank of China, Communist Party Committee member
"两会"-  A term for the simultaneous sessions in China's two main congresses: The National People's Congress (NPC, 全国人民代表大会), the legislative house in China and Chinese People Political Consultative Congress (CPPCC, 中国人民政治协商会议), a political advisory body representing several parties and organizations.  

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