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Sexy Mandarin: The appeal of Chinese language through bodies of women 01-07-2012
No more subtle and insinuative associations between Chinese culture and Asian femininity, but rather utilizing attractive bodies as a direct platform for language learning... The language website "Sexy Mandarin" is becoming viral in recent months, leading Chinese to debate over its significance: Another indication for the dominance of Chinese culture or an easy way to expose local skin.
Su Zizi 苏紫紫 - Lost daughter or strong woman? 17-10-2011

su_zizi_761The story of Su Zizi 苏紫紫 is a great source of debates about modern values, art, pornography and internet media.

周杰伦 Jay Chou – Different appeal in East and West 01-06-2011
A singing model or a skillful songwriter? A honorable spokesman of Chinese companies or a proud Taiwanese? Different forces are linked to the Zhou Jielun (Jay Chou) enterprise, but it seems that they all push his popularity forward.
Red posters with capitalist content – Funny merchandise in big Chinese cities 10-04-2011
In touristic and artistic gift stores in big Chinese cities there is a new trend of products: Communist images with capitalist content. A nostalgic desire, an acknowledgement of the current money-making frenzy within the Chinese society and a humoristic view of the sharp gap between the two epochs, are all embedded in these not-so-innocent products.
East-West Beauty standards regarding Chinese actresses: Between Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing 21-03-2011
Beauty standards are hard to define, even within a certain society, and any survey in this matter is not comprehensive enough. Yet it is clear that beauty standards for Chinese women in the west and in China are often unparallel. Do Chinese prefer traditional looking or more European looking Chinese stars and how are Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing involved in this discussion?
Justified Remake? Liu Dehua and Gong Li meet at last in 'Wo Zhi Nuren Xin' - 'What Women Want' 07-02-2011

Liu Dehua (Andy Lau) and Gong Li are the stars of Wo Zhi Nuren Xin, remake of US movie What Women Want, promoting the new trend of remaking Hollywood films in mainland China. How is the movie adpated to Chinese audience and how do the two mega-stars perform in their historical collaboration?

Linglei – The Possibility to Oppose the Mainstream 13-08-2010
The lìnglèi youth can be classified as 'alternative' to the mainstream Chinese culture and even 'rebellious', but their self expression is perhaps an opposition to the conditions in pre-1980 China and a celebration of new opportunities in present days, more than truly resisting a modern Chinese culture.
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