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2011兔年央视春晚:比较一般 - 2011 CCTV Rabbit New Year Gala: Nothing Extraordinary print version
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Rabbit New Year Gala. All around there are representative performers, different social stratums, ethnic minorities, personage from Hong-Kong, Macau and Taiwan as well, as from overseas, all have the chance to get up on stage. Speech items all have a northern dialect of expression, which isn't beneficial with the viewing rate among areas of other dialects. This is why the absolute majority of creators attempt to insert so many sublime morals inside the entertainment items, instead of threatening arts and ethics. 20 years ago, "Anti-family plan Guerilla" by Huang Hong and Song Dandan actually didn't have any so-called noble substance, but still left a deep impression on viewers. Nowadays, skits give viewers the most standard and objective solution, which is rather even more distant from reality.

Cross-talk still insufficient
Cross-talk "Exclusive record and production" isn't very surprising, "8 screen" is also not really relevant in today's New Years Gala. "Yellow crane building", "essay association", "big bodyguard" and other theatrical pieces aren't really vivid. The actors lines' density in "Open sesame" are not bad after all, and the combination of expressions is quite interesting.

Skits have their ups and downs
In the skits "Midnight telephone booth", "Glorious age", "New house", many movie and TV performers stepped on the New Year Gala stage. "Glorious age" is a continuation to the popular drama series "The glorious years of the daughter-in-law", revising real events. In his skit "intelligent husband", Huang Hong uses homophony, parallel sentences and skills like in the past, adding internet slang to make it funnier, becoming one of the light points of the rabbit New Year Gala. Concerning the skit lead by Zhao Benshan, "You, the table companion", then compared to many too serious skits, the skit of Zhao's team has more interesting points.

The songs and dance acts are really ordinary
Every year in the New Year Gala, the songs-dance acts, always include the same songs which are most famliar to one's face, and no change took place in the rabbit year. In the song "Orchid pavilion", Lin Zhiling and Zhou Jielun's partnership was quite wonderful. But in the following act, the two performers were somewhat nervous. In the song "homesick", the performance of the 'Xidan girl' was ordinary, but the show was still full of emotion, sincerity and touched the viewers. 

Original article was published in, written by 杨戬.

[1]兔年春晚 tù nián chūnwǎn - Short for 兔年春节联欢晚会, Rabbit year New Year Gala, the main national  TV show, broadcasted on the night of the Chinese New Year. This year the CCTV show was held on February 2nd, the night of the new rabbit year.

[2] 港澳台 gǎng ào tái - Short for 香港, 澳门, 台湾 - Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

[3] 收视率 shōu shì lù - TV viewing rate.

[4] 黄宏huáng hóng - A Harbin famous skit performer and writer, who's performances in the New Year Gala shows are particularly notable.

[5] 宋丹丹 sòng dāndān - A drama actress who became a successful skit performer, known for her collaborations with Huang Hong and Zhao Benshan.

[6] 相声 xiàngshēng - 'Cross-talk', a comedic performance, most commonly in the form of a dialogue between two comedians. This traditional  Chinese comic style is often conducted in the Beijing dialect.

[7] 小品 xiǎo pǐn - Skits, or sketch comedy; a comedy act performed by a group of comedian actors. Every Chinese New Year Gala consists of several xiaopin.

[8] 赵本山 zhào běnshān - A famous Chinese skit and sitcom actor, who is currently engaged mostly in TV and theatre directing jobs.

[9] 西单女孩 xīdān nǔhái - 'Xidan girl', a new talent singer, who is famous mostly for her personal story. The girl, an immigrant in Beijing, was a street performer in the Xidan district, where she was discovered and later received a chance to perform on TV. Her performance was one of the highlights in the New Year Gala this year.

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