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卡马乔:你好中国我来了 - Camacho: Hello China, I have arrived print version
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今晨,国足[1]新任[2]教练[3]卡马乔[4]抵达北京,   明天上午10点,中国足协[5]将举行国足新任外国教练的签约仪式[6],国家队将正式进入卡马乔时代。卡马乔此次来京,一行六人,其中包括战术教练[7]卡塞伦(Jose Rodenas Carcelen)、体能教练[8]加斯帕(Fernando Gaspar Laborie)、"球探"[9]加列戈(Ricardo Gallego Redondo)、经纪人[10],还有他的太太。
20强赛[11]在即,留给卡马乔的时间很少,他曾经带领西班牙(Spain)队征战2002年世界杯[12]。他说他来到中国就是为了把中国带进世界杯。 当然,足协早就明确表态,这次聘请外教一定不会以短期成绩为目标,而是要作长远发展的打算。

有消息称他的团队年薪[13]达到了300万欧元(Euro),创造了国足教练年薪的最高纪录,也是卡马乔本人的收入纪录。有不少人认为他配不上这样的身价。由于中国足球的水平相对落后[14],要想吸引高水平的教练,就需要支付比市场价格更高的薪水。    300万的年薪签下卡马乔,尽管价格有些偏高,却绝对不是一个难以接受的价格。


Today, the newly appointed coach of the national football team, Camacho, arrived at Beijing. Tomorrow at 10am there will be a contract signing ceremony of the foreigner coach, held by China's Football Association, as the national team will officially enter the Camacho era. At his arrival to Beijing, Camacho came in a group of 6 people, including tactic coach Jose Rodenas Carcelen, physical trainer Fernando Gaspar Laborie and football scout Ricardo Gallego Redondo, an agent and his wife.

With 20 difficult matches in the near future, Camacho has little time. In the past he led the Spanish team in the 2002 World Cup. He said that he arrived to China in order to bring China to the World Cup. Certainly, the Football Association has already made it clear that this time, inviting a foreign coach, the target isn't a short term achievement, but rather a plan for long-term development.

Some news informs that Camacho's annual salary is 3 million Euro, making it a new high record for an income of a China's football coach, and also a high record for Camacho. Many people believe that he doesn't match such a status. Though, since the level of China's football is backward, attracting a high level coach requires paying a higher salary compared to the market. A contract of 3 million annual income for Camacho, although is rather high, is absolutely not an unacceptable price.

This is the first time the national football team invites a Spanish coach. Is Spanish football in fact suitable for China? Can Camacho bring a change to China?  These are uncertainties.

Original article published by 法制晚报,

[1] 国足guózú - Short for 中国足球队; China national football team

[2] 新任  xīnrèn - Newly appointed

[3] 教练 jiàoliàn - Coach

[4] 卡马乔 kǎmǎqiáo - José Antonio Camacho Alfaro, 56, former player and coach of Real Madrid, Benfica Lisbon and the Spanish national team and the newly appointed coach of China's football team

[5] 中国足协 zhōngguó zú xié - China's Football Association

[6] 签约仪式 qiānyuē yíshì - Contract signing ceremony

[7] 战术教练 zhànshù jiàoliàn - (Football) tactics coach

[8] 体能教练 tǐnéng jiàoliàn - Physical trainer, football fitness coach

[9] "球探" qiú tàn - Football scout

[10]经纪人 jīngjìrén - Agent

[11] 强赛 qiǎng sài - Difficult matches

[12] 世界杯 shìjièbēi - World Cup (football world championship for national teams, held every four years)

[13] 年薪 nián xīn - Annual salary

[14] 落后 luòhòu - Backward, undeveloped

[15] 未知数 wèizhīshù - 'Unknown number', uncertainty

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