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鲍勃迪伦首次上海开唱 - Bob Dylan performed in Shanghai for the first time print version
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这一次,鲍勃•迪伦依然没有让大家失望,在开场的前三首曲目中有两首是北京站没有的,《Don't think twice it's alright》以及《Things have changed》到第四首歌《Tangled Up In Blue》,迪伦吹了一段口琴[7],全场爆发掌声,气氛逐渐热烈,而后的《Highway 61 Revisited》等十几首迪伦经典歌曲,一气呵成[8]。看过北京场的一位乐迷[9]告诉记者,昨晚的上海站无论是观众还是迪伦本人,表现都更胜一筹[10],由于迪伦和乐手[11]们在现场演唱中对改动原作[12],所以,许多歌曲往往在进入高潮[13]后才能听到歌曲的本来面目。

在演唱了1个半小时后,《Like a rolling stone》、《Foreveryoung》两首经典让歌迷[14]很过瘾,然后偶像[15]就此离去,这场演出中国歌迷铭记终生,正如一位"fans"所说:"这是一场朝圣[16]的旅行,有生之年必须观看一次,人生才算完整。"

April 8th, first-time-in-China Bob Dylan stepped on the high stage in Shanghai, and just like as in the past, he still performs in front of different crowds. Now and then there are impromptu lyrics and tunes to one's pleasure, which make the faithful fans, who have just recently watched the Beijing performance, sigh in admiration: "It is really true that each performance is one of a kind".

For many ordinary spectators, Bob Dylan's name perhaps has never been heard of, though within the music circle, he is a celebrated master. It wasn't like the Beijing site which was be fully occupied, as the occupancy in yesterday's Shanghai performance was of about 80 percent. In the audience seats, reporters have also found Zhou Xun, Chen Danyan and other celebrity figures. 20:13; the concert begins. The stage is simple. Dylan, wearing black western clothes, sidles and stands in the stage's right side, and starts singing.

This time, as before, Bob Dylan didn't let anyone get disappointed. Within the first three songs of the performance there were two songs which weren't performed in the Beijing show: 'Don't think twice it's alright' and 'Things have changed'. When the fourth song 'Tangles up in blue' came, Dylan played a harmonica, making the entire audience burst with applause, and the atmosphere became gradually warmer. The following 'Highway 61 revisited' and other 10 plus of Dylan's classic songs, flew smoothly. One music lover who had seen the Beijing concert has told reporters that last night's Shanghai show, whether it's because of the audience or Dylan himself, was an even better concert. Since Dylan and the instrumental performers modified the original songs when performing, therefore in many songs, only after reaching the climax, the true features of the original song could be heard and recognized.

After a performance of an hour and a half, the two classic songs 'Like a rolling stone' and 'Forever young' made Dylan fans enjoy the night to the fullest. After that the idol left the stage. Chinese Dylan fans will remember this concert for the rest of their lives, just like one fan said: "This travel is going on a pilgrimage, one must watch Dylan once within one's lifetime, only then life could be considered as complete".

[1]鲍勃迪伦 bàobó dílún - Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan in this week has made his first visit to China. He performed in Beijing in April 6th, and two days later he performed in Shanghai, a concert to which this article refers to.

[2] 音乐圈 yīnyuè quān - Music circle (music fans, artists, journalists, etc)

[3] 大师 dàshī - Master

[4] 座率 zuò lù - Seat or occupancy capacity

[5]周迅 zhōu xùn - A 36 years old famous female actress, who had played in many drama series and movies, including the 1998 film Suzhou River (苏州河)

[6] 陈丹燕 chén dān yàn - A 52 years old female author, who is known particularly for her children and youth books. She is especially successful in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

[7] 口琴 kǒu qín - Harmonica

[8]一气呵成 yī qì hē chéng - Flow smoothly, have no interruptions

[9] 乐迷 yuè mí - Music fans

[10] 更胜一筹 gèng shèng yī chóu - Even better

[11] 乐手 yuè shǒu - Music instrument performers

[12] 原作 yuán zuò - Original work (here referring to 'original song versions')

[13] 高潮 gāocháo - Climax; here referring to the chorus or climax of a song

[14] 歌迷 gē mí  - Song or singer fans, here referring to Dylan fans

[15] 偶像 ǒuxiàng - Idol

[16] 朝圣 cháoshèng - Pilgrimage

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