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百度文库推版权合作平台:付费和广告分成 - Baidu Wenku presents a platform for copyright cooperation with authors; a portion of user fees and advertisement fees print version
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3月15日,韩寒[6]、郭敬明[7]、贾平凹[8]等50位作家发出联合声明,指百度侵权。3月24日,作家代表宣布与百度谈判破裂,称其毫无诚意,将寻求司法[9]途径解决此次纠纷;3月28日,2011中国深圳IT领袖峰会上,李彦宏公开表态:百度文库管不好就关掉。对于 "百度何时付费"的问题,李彦宏仅称将与作家探讨共赢的模式。

"Baidu Wenku and authors win-win model", referred to in an IT leaders' summit meeting by Li Yanhong has already appeared it its embryo form: Today, Baidu Wenku formally presented a platform for copyright collaboration, providing profit to copyright holders through to two forms of users' fees portion and advertisement revenues portion.

The page layout for this platform presents in detail the collaboration model of Baidu Wenku and the fees revenue division and advertisements revenue division: 'Fees revenues portion model' allows users to read parts of literature works' chapters free-of-charge, and if readers wish to read to entire text or download it they should pay a specified cost. Baidu indicates that they will transfer a major portion of this profit to the copyright holders. The 'advertisements revenues model' allows readers to read complete works free-of-charge, yet Baidu would install relevant advertisement content within the texts of these works, gaining relevant profit. In this model, the profit of copyright holders are in direct ratio with the interest readers have in their works; the more their works are browsed through, the higher the copyright holders' profit will get.

Except for the revenue channel, Baidu Wenku shall also provide some propagation resources for copyright holders: Baidu Wenku will share page layouts on their literature pages, and the text page of the Wenku bookstore will carry out recommendations of legal (original) books; on the search results page of Baidu the content exhibiting legal books will be increased; a special type of exhibition of legal literature works will be carried out in clear (eye-catching) locations on the search results page of Wenku.

On March 15th, Han Han, Guo Jingming, Jia Pingwa and 50 other authors have issued a joint statement, pointing out at the violation conducted by Baidu. On March 24th, the authors representative declared that the negotiations with Baidu had broke and said that they (Baidu) are completely insincere and that he will seek a justice channel to settle this dispute. On March 28th, in Shenzhen's IT leaders' summit meeting, Li Yanhong publically declared that the bad management by Baidu Wenku had been stopped. Concerning the question 'when will Baidu pay revenues', Li Yanhong has only referred to the 'win-win' model explored.

[1] 李彦宏 lǐ yàn hóng - Founder of Baidu and manager of Baidu's strategy plan.

[2] 百度文库 bǎi duó wén kù - A service offered by Baidu, China`s largest internet search engine, allowing users to read literature works online. Recently a dispute erupted between Baidu and Chinese authors, as the latter claim that the Wenku service violates authors`copyrights.

[3] 版权方 bǎnquán fāng - Copyright side, copyright holders (in this case authors and book publication businesses).

[4] 用户 yònghù- Users (internet users).

[5] 搜索结果页 sōusuǒ jiéguǒ yè - Search results' page (搜索= internet search).

[6]韩寒 hán hán - One of the most popular Chinese authors and bloggers (29 years old, Shanghai). His most famous works are《三重门》'Triple Doors' and《毒》'Poison'.

[7] 郭敬明 guō jìng míng - Another member of China's 'post 80s' authors (born in 1983). His most famous novel is 'Imaginary Town' - 幻城. He is also editor in Chief of the literature magazine '最小说' ('most fiction').

[8] 贾平凹 jiǎ píng wa - A Shaanxi province author, 1952, which remains a successful author for about three days, including his famous Turbulence: A Novel.

[9] 司法 sīfǎ - Judicature, administration of justice.

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