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杭产动画片《梦回金沙城》杀入奥斯卡角逐最佳动画长片奖 - Hangzhou Produced Animation Movie "The Dreams of Jinsha" Enters the Oscars and Competes for Best Animation Picture Award print version


该片历时五年、耗资八千万,由杭州盛世龙图动画有限公司[4]倾力打造的首部国产精品动画电影《梦回金沙城》于2010年12月3日到9日在美国洛杉矶Laemmle Theatres影院隆重公映了。





Hang Production animation movie "The Dreams of Jinsha" (literally "dreams return to Jinsha city") has become one of the animation movies to enter the American 83rd Oscar ceremony, for the award of the best animation picture. This is the first time in Chinese history that a native animation movie received this nomination.

The movie production took 5 years and costed 80000000, as 'Hangzhou Flourishing Dragon Animation Company' has used up the best of its resources, forging a top quality Chinese product animation movie, "The Dreams of Jinsha". The movie was ceremoniously showed to the public between the 3rd and 9th of December 2010 in America's LA's Laemmle movie theatre.

Looking at the past, the heyday of Chinese produced animation movie 'Uproar in Heaven' are already long gone. Many years after, Chinese animation made a stir again, through the movie "Lotus Lantern". And now, "The Dreams of Jinsha", which was hardly accomplished and fought to make successful, has again allowed the audience to acknowledge the skill of China's animation makers.

"The Dreams of Jinsha" has been showed in the entire country in July this year. In this animation 'Hangzhou Flourishing Dragon Animation Company' has applied pure drawings, and international B grade 2K picture standards were realized for the first time in the country. From technology to art, every aspect was kept up with international standards, displaying native Hangzhou's original strength in animation creating. This truly allows China animation to walk on the road of fine work, as for the first time in 25 years China has lead an original animation film to the international market.

By displaying of the movie, "The Dreams of Jinsha" addresses foreign audience and presents the dream of Chinese culture, transmits values and ideas concerning the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature as well as man and animals. The core of the entire movie is the annotation of Chinese culture towards compassion and courage.

"The Dreams of Jinsha" will participate in many international film festivals such as Annecy (France), Montreal (Canada) and other film festivals which hold "China film week" activities.

[1] 杭产动画片háng chǎn dònghuàpiàn - Hangzhou (Hangzhou city in Zhejiang province) produced animation movie

[2] 《梦回金沙城》mèng huí jīnshā chéng - Literally 'Dreams return to Jinsha city', translated to "The Dreams of Jinsha", a new Chinese animation movie, which tells the story of a boy who travels in time to an ancient city, where he help the local overcome all sorts of challenges. The film emphasizes the importance of harmony between man and nature.

[3] 奥斯卡 àosīkǎ - "Oscars", the Academy Awards ceremony held annually in Los Angeles. The next ceremony (83rd) will take place on February 27th, 2011.

[4] 杭州盛世龙图动画有限公司 hángzhōu shèngshì lóngtú dònghuà yǒuxiàngōngsī - 'Hangzhou Flourishing Dragon Animation Company', an animation production company, seated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

[5] 《大闹天宫》dànàotiāngōng -  'Uproar in Heaven', an animation movie produced in the beginning of the 1960's by 'Shanghai Animation Film Studio', which is considered one of to most classic Chinese animation films.

[6] 《宝莲灯》bǎo lián dēng - 'Lotus Lantern', a 1999 Chinese animation film, portraying an ancient tale.

[7] 昂西áng xī - Annecy, France, where 'Annecy International Animated Film Festival' takes place.

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