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阿内尔卡加盟上海申花,接着是德罗巴?- Anelka joins Shanghai Shenhua, is Drogba next? print version
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阿内尔卡(Nicolas Anelka)加盟[1]上海申花(Shanghai Shenhua, one of the leading team in the Chinese football league)引起的效应还在继续。

阿内尔卡的高昂收入,周薪[2]达到了17.5万英镑(GBP)。据悉,阿内尔卡加盟申花有两个原因,其中之一就是钱,另外一个则是申花新帅蒂加纳(Jean Tigana, a French coach and former player)的影响。

有意思的是,申花队员[3]对于阿内尔卡新浪微博(Sina Weibo, China's biggest microblogging service)上的欢迎,表达了对阿内尔卡加盟的兴奋。于涛(You Tao, a leading Chinese player in the Shanghai team)在微博上写道:"欢迎我的新队友[4],这不得不让人兴奋。"王大雷(Wang Dalei)则在微博上写道:"告诉阿内尔卡,做他的队友很荣幸[5]。"        
此外,阿内尔卡在中超(Chinese Super League)的地位可能很快会被取代[6],因为大连阿尔滨(Dalian A'erbin, another team in the Chinese football league)正在追逐他的切尔西(Chelsea)前队友德罗巴(Didier Drogba)。阿尔滨为德罗巴开出了一份三年合同[7],周薪达到了20万英镑。

Nikolas Anelka becoming a player of Shanghai Shenhua has brought about a long lasting 'effect'.

Anelka's high income is reaching 175,000 GBP per week. It is reported that there are two reasons for Anelka's choice of Shanghai Shenhua: One is money, and the other is the influence of new Shenhua coach, Jean Tigana.

What is interesting is the Sina Weibo (the biggest Chinese microblogging service) welcoming of Anelka by his Shenhua teammates, expressing great excitement about Anelka's recruitment. Yu Tao has written on the Weibo: "Welcome to our new teammate, this cannot but make people excited!" Wang Dalei wrote: "Tell Anelka that being his teammate is an honor."

However, the status of Anelka in the Chinese Premier League might be replaced, as the Dalian A'erbin team is pursuing his former Chelsea teammate Didier Drogba. A'erbin is willing offering Drogba a 3-year contract, with the salary of 200,000 GBP per week.

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  Anelka and Drogba in the happy Chelsea days;
soon to compete in the Chinese Super League?

[1] 加盟 jiāméng - Align, join

[2] 周薪 zhōu xīn - Weekly income

[3] 队员 duìyuán - Team member

[4] 队友 duìyǒu - Teammate

[5] 荣幸 róngxìng - Honor

[6] 取代 qǔdài - Replace

[7] 三年合同 sānnián hétong - 3-year contract

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