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F1上海激烈比赛,车迷大饱眼福 - An intense Formula1 race in Shanghai, race fans could feast their eyes print version
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红牛(Red Bull)是如今F1车坛速度最快赛车[7]。这次在上海,维特尔依实力很强,3场练习赛,3个阶段排位赛[8],他都是第一名,正赛是最有可能最夺冠[9]。 迈凯轮的巴顿(Button)和汉密尔顿昨天排在第二、三位发车[10]。即将比赛时,准备驶上赛道的汉密尔顿赛车出现漏油[11]。此时距离关闭赛道时间只有几分钟,汉密尔顿凭借车队技术人员[12]精湛的技艺,在离规定驶上赛道的时间只剩30多秒时修复故障。



Hamilton and the McLaren team have utilized the new regulations yesterday, bringing the abilities of the driver and the team to play and achieving the highest position. They surpassed Red Bull driver Vettel in the racing track, meeting with victory. It is also a victory of the Federation International de Automobile (FIA), as it has formulated new regulation for this racing year, which were realized on the race track. Throughout the runway, drivers have continuously passed each other, and the suspense concerning who will be the champion was kept all along, until the last moment, giving F1 fans a splendid, unmatchable competition and allowing them to feast their eyes on the race.

Red Bull cars are currently the fastest race cars. This time in Shanghai, Vettel was strong, complying with his potential. In the three practice races and 3 preliminary (full-position) races, he was always the first, and was the favorite to win this competition. McLaren's Button and Hamilton were in the second and third positions when starting the race. When the race was about to begin, the car of Hamilton, who was preparing to drive, had a leak of oil. At this point, there were only a few minutes left before closing up the contest runway, and Hamilton depended on the exquisite skill of the of his team's technical personnel. The breakdown was repaired as there were only 30 seconds left before the fixed starting time of the race.

After dispatching the car, Hamilton wasn't influenced to the slightest degree, and, along with teammate Button, has passed Vettel in the first curve. Later, he successively passed Alonso, Button and Massa. With 12 laps remaining until the end, Hamilton pursued the second place, with only Vettel left in front. Four laps before the end, Hamilton passed Vettel, achieving his second China Grand-Prix champion title.

The FIA has presented a series of new regulations this year, with the object of promoting more passing of cars and increasing the suspense throughout the competition. Yesterday, Hamilton's display has gave a manifestation to these new rules.

This article describes the Formula1 race which took place in Shanghai on April 17th. The Chinese Grand-Prix race is the third race in the F1 season each year.

[1] 迈凯轮车队 màikǎilún chēduì - McLaren team, one of the teams which compete in F1 Grand-Prix competition

[2] 上赛场 shàng sài chǎng - Race/competition track

[3] 车手 chēshǒu - Race-car driver

[4] 国际汽联 guójì qì lián - Federation International de Automobile, the international federation which manages the F1 competition

[5] 超越 chāoyuè - Surpass, pass; here in the meaning of cars passing each other during a car-race

[6] 冠军悬念 guànjūn xuánniàn - 'Champion suspense'; the suspense concerning who will finish first

[7] 赛车 sàichē - Race car

[8] 阶段排位赛 jiēduàn pái wèi sài - 'Stage position-arranging race'; the Full-Position race which takes place the day before the actual Formula1 race, determining from which position each driver will begin the in the big race

[9] 夺冠 duó guan - Win a championship

[10] 发车 fā chē - Dispatch a car, start a race

[11] 漏油 lòuyóu - Oil leak

[12] 技术人员 jìshù rényuán - Technical personnel

[13] 倒数 dào shǔ

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