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李娜2012法网前将推出自传 - Li Na will publish an autobiography before the 2012 French Open print version
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Li Na has barely won a game in months, but she is still enjoying the fame of her French Open championship. When you are the first Asian player to win a singles Grand Slam title, this is understandable. At present she is working on her autobiography, portraying her tennis career which reached its peak in Paris. The British Penguin publisher is taking advantage of her popularity, owning the book's copyrights and entering the Chinese market in full force.

10月13日,英国(British)的企鹅出版集团(Penguin Publishing Group)自豪的宣布,他们已经取得了中国李娜的自传[1]的中文版权[2]。李娜的自传完成后,企鹅出版集团将负责出版、推广以及销售这本中文自传。这对于企鹅出版集团扩张在中国市场有着深远的影响。

这本自传的书名为《如何闯入西方世界并取得胜利》(How to Go West and Win)。李娜是首个赢得大满贯(Tennis Grand Slam)单打冠军[3]的亚洲(Asian)球员,她将会通过自己的首本自传告诉球迷[4],究竟她是如何在竞争取得胜利[5]。

企鹅出版集团中国区(China branch of Penguin)总裁[6]评论道:"我们很荣幸能和李娜合作,共同分享她的经历。凭借她在中国的名声[7],以及她良好形象,我相信这本书能提供一个让普通人了解中国职业运动员[8]经历的机会。这本书不仅是给球迷的,同时也是提供给那些想要获得成功的人。"李娜本人说道:"我希望我的故事能对任何年纪的读者都产生激励[9]的作用,我同时也非常期待和企鹅出版集团的合作。"

这本书暂定的出版日期将是2012年法网(French Open)前夕,显然出版商[10]将想要赶在李娜法网冠军一周年[11]前推出这本自传。

Li Na in days when she still rocked the tennis court 

The British Penguin publish house proudly announced that it has acquired the Chinese copyrights to the Li Na autobiography. After the Li Na autobiography will be completed, Penguin group will be responsible of publishing, popularizing and selling. This will have a profound impact on the expansion of Penguin in the Chinese market.

This autobiography is named "How to Go West and Win". Li Na is the first Asian player to win a Grand Slam singles championship. Through this personal autobiography she will tell sport fans how she competed and achieved such victory.

Director of the Chinese branch of Penguin Group has commented: "We are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Li Na, together sharing her experience. Thanks to her reputation in China and her good image, I believe this book will give people a chance to understand the experience of a professional Chinese athlete. This book is not only presented to tennis fans, but is also offered to people who wish to learn about success." Li Na herself said: "I wish my story could inspire readers of all ages. At the same time I really look forward to cooperate with Penguin."

The tentative date for the coming out of this book is the evening of the 2012 French Open. Evidently the publisher wants present this autobiography on time for the one year anniversary of Li Na's 2011 French Open championship.

Original article published by 新浪体育

[1] 自传 zì zhuan - Autobiography

[2] 版权 bǎnquán - Publishing copyrights

[3] 单打冠军 dāndǎ guànjūn - Singles champion

[4] 球迷 qiúmí - Sport fans

[5] 胜利  shènglì - Victory

[6] 总裁 zǒngcái - Director

[7] 名声 míngshēng - Reputation

[8] 职业运动员 zhíyè yùndòngyuán - Professional athlete

[9] 激励 jīlì - Encourage, inspire

[10] 出版商 chūbǎn shāng - Publisher

[11] 一周年 yīzhōu nián - One year anniversary

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