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林书豪与中国篮球完全无关 - Jeremy Lin has nothing to do with Chinese basketball print version
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The 'Linsanity' is washing over the NBA. After winning the Eastern Conference 'Player of the Week' award, Jeremy Lin is continuing to lift up the New York Knicks. Lin, who was born and grew up in the U.S., son of Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese parents, is confusing Chinese fans: on one hand his Chinese name and appearance, along with his success, makes him a source of some pride. On the other hand, he is an American citizen and his career has developed solely on American soil. Lin, on his behalf, provides ambiguous answers regarding his 'identity', probably in an attempt to maintain his fans and not risk his commercial value in China. The next article discusses the Jeremy Lin's phenomenon.

在姚明 (Yao Ming)正式退役之后,NBA一直就在寻找一个可以替代他的 "东方元素"[1]。林书豪(Jeremy Lin)的似乎让人看到"华人之光"[2]在NBA辉煌的延续[3]。美国(American)媒体把他和姚明作比较,甚至已经有人表示林书豪可以成为成为亚裔[4]球员在NBA的榜样[5]。


不过,林书豪的成功也给了中国篮球一次反思[12]的机会。以林书豪的先天[13]身体条件,要在中国找出相仿的球员不是难事。林书豪的这段故事给了大批中国篮球球员一个启示[14]:并不是只有姚明这种天才[15]型的中国球员才能在NBA立足,只要有合适的土壤[16],亚洲(Asian)球员依然可以像欧美(European and American)球员成为篮球场[17]上的超级明星。

After Yao Ming officially retired, the NBA is continuously searching for the "Eastern element" that could replace him. Lin Shuhao's (Jeremy Lin) physical appearance makes people regard him as a brilliant successor of the "Chinese light". The American media compares him with Yao Ming and some people even claim that Lin could become an Asian model player in the NBA.

Jeremy Lin is the second generation of Chinese immigrants (in the U.S.). From young age, he received the influence of American culture and the path of his basketball career was similar to the common American player. He became a favorite of American media, but this has completely nothing to do with Chinese basketball. The success of Yao Ming was rooted in the Chinese culture and system that brought him up. From this aspect, Jeremy Lin could never replace Yao Ming. Even if Lin becomes a superstar, the only similarity to Yao is Lin's yellow skin.

Nevertheless, Jeremy Lin's success gives Chinese basketball an opportunity for introspection. Considering Lin's inborn physical features, it should not be difficult to find similar potential players in China. The Jeremy Lin story gives an inspiration to many Chinese basketball players: By no means only players as gifted as Yao Ming can find place in the NBA. Provided that one has a suitable soil, Asian players could still, just like American or European players, become superstars on the basketball court.

Original article published by 新闻晚报

[1] "东方元素" dōngfāng yuánsù - 'Eastern element', Far Eastern player

[2] "华人之光" huárén zhī guāng - 'Chinese light', nickname of Yao Ming in his former NBA days

[3] 延续 yánxù - Successor

[4] 亚裔 yà yì - Foreign citizen of Asian origin

[5] 榜样 bǎngyàng - Role model

[6] 华裔移民 huáyì yímín - Chinese immigrant

[7] 第二代 dìèr dài - The second generation, descendent

[8] 篮球生涯 lánqiú shēngyá - Basketball career

[9] 宠儿 chǒng ér - Favorite, pet

[10] 超级明星 chāojí míngxīng - Superstar

[11] 黄皮肤 huáng pífū - 'Yellow skin', a Chinese physical characteristic

[12] 反思 fǎnsī - Introspection

[13] 先天 xiāntiān - Inborn

[14] 启示 qǐshì - Inspiration

[15] 天才 tiāncái - Talent, gift

[16] 土壤 tǔrǎng - Soil (here referring to metaphoric 'soil')

[17] 篮球场 lánqiú chǎng - Basketball court

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