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2012上海站观众人数18.5万创纪录 - 185,000 spectators at the 2012 Shanghai Formula-1 race, establishing a new record print version
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Nico Rosberg one his first Formula-1 race and brought joy to his Mercedes team on Sunday. Spectators at the Shanghai circuit were also excited and made this event more successful than in the former years, making it one of the peaks of the F1 season.    

4月15日下午,2012赛季F1中国大奖赛(The China Grand Prix Formula-One Race)在上海国际赛车场(Shanghai International Velodrome)落下帷幕[1],罗斯伯格(Nico Rosberg)在上海拿到了个人生涯[2]的第一个分站冠军[3]。今年F1上海站上座率[4]也创了新高,三天观众人数更是达到了创纪录[5]的18.5万。

2012赛季,随着莱科宁(Kimi Raikkonen)重新回归F1[6],前两站赛事火爆[7]激烈,让更多的车迷[8]对今年F1上海站感到从所未有[9]的热情。在周五练习赛[10]那天,上赛场现场售票金额[11]就超过了60万元。

今年赛事票房[12]的火爆程度,让F1掌门人[13]伯尼(Bernie Ecclestone)也感到了都惊讶,在F1第一个七年之约[14]快结束的时候,他还曾因为不满F1上海站的票房,想不和上海续约[15]。更专业的赛事组织、更成熟的车迷群体,更火爆的赛事票房,F1在中国的春天似乎即将到来,现在我们更加期待的是一位属于中国自己的F1车手[16]。

The afternoon of April 15; the big Chinese Formula-1 race in Shanghai's International Velodrome ended, with Nico Rosberg winning his first championship title in his career. The attendance at the Shanghai F1 race also reached a new high, with a new record of 185,000 spectators during the three days of competition.

In the 2012 racing season, along with the return of Kimi Raikkonen to the F1 circuit, the first two races were very intense, there racing fans anticipated the Shanghai race with great enthusiasm. In the practice race on Friday, money earned from ticket sales in the racing site exceeded ¥600,000.

The level of excitement at the box office of this year's event has also surprised the F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone. At the time when the appointed seven years for the Shanghai race were about to end, he considered not to sign a new contract with Shanghai because he was not satisfied of ticket sales. Now, with a more professional organization, a riper crowd of racing fans and more excitement at the box office, it seems that F1 has truly 'arrived' to China. Now we dream of having the first native Chinese driver in the competition.

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[1]落下帷幕 luòxià wéi mù - The curtain falls, finish

[2] 生涯 shēngyá - Career

[3] 站冠军 zhàn guànjūn - Race champion

[4] 上座率 shàngzuòlǜ - Attendance

[5] 创纪录 chuàng jìlù - Establish a record

[6]赛事 sàishì - Competition, race

[7] 火爆 huǒ bào - Fiery, enthusiastic, lively

[8] 车迷 chē mí - Car-racing fans

[9] 从所未有 cóng suǒ wèi yǒu - Unprecedented, never happened before

[10] 练习赛 liànxí sài - Practice race

[11] 售票金额 shòu piào jīné - Amount of money from ticket sales

[12] 票房 piàofáng - Box office

[13] 掌门人zhǎng mén rén - The head, boss

[14] 七年之约 qī nián zhī yuē - '7 years contract'; F1 signed a 7 year contract with the Shanghai circuit. It is left to see whether it continues with this race in years to come.

[15] 续约 xù yuē - Renew a contract

[16]车手 chē shǒu - Racer

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