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第十六届“北京放映”给海外片商展映64部国产片 - The 16 'Beijing Screenings' displays 64 Chinese movies to foreign film distributors print version
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The cultural organs of the Chinese government are recently putting greater efforts in improving the Chinese film industry. The 'Beijing Screenings' is an annual government-run event where China attempts to export its most international flavored films to foreign distributors.

第二届北京国际电影节第[1]十六届"北京放映"[2]将于4月24日至27日在北京举行。4月18日,"北京放映"在京举行启动仪式[3],导演[4]阿年(A Nian, Chinese director)、演员葛思然(Ge Siran, Chinese actress)及各界领导出席。



"北京放映"在考虑到国外观众观影习惯的基础上,从大量影片中挑选出64部思想性[10]、艺术性[11]的最新国产影片在"北京放映"期间公开展映。其中有在国内外电影市场上口碑[12]很好的《钱学森》("Dr. Qian Xuesen")、《最爱》("Love for Life", A romantic film with Guo Fucheng and Zhang Ziyi)、《失恋33天》("Love is not Blind", a romantic movie by director Teng Huatao)等作品。

本届"北京放映"还邀请了美国(USA)、法国(France)、德国(Germany)、澳大利亚(Australia)、等20多个国家的130位客人参与活动。同时,温哥华国际电影节(Vancouver International Film Festival)、上海国际电影节(Shanghai International Film Festival)派出专员为自己的电影选片。蒙特利尔国际电影节(Montreal International Film Festival)的主席今年将再次亲临北京。

The 16 'Beijing Screening' at the 2nd Beijing International Film Festival will be held on April 24-27 in Beijing. The opening ceremony for the 'Beijing Screening' took place in Beijing on April 18. Director A Nian and actress Ge Siran were among the leading attendees.

It is understood that this 'Beijing Screenings' will show 64 new Chinese produced films. More than 130 foreign film distributers will attend the event.

The 'Beijing Screenings' activity was established in 1996 and is the only international film activity where China invites foreign distributors to assemble and choose Chinese films. The 15 'Beijing Screenings' last year has altogether screened 665 Chinese produced movies, among which 100 films were purchased and distributed in 80 countries and dozens of them participated in international film award events.

The 'Beijing Screenings' takes into consideration the basic taste of foreign spectators. From a large amount of movies, 64 ideological and artistic Chinese movies were picked. These movies include the public appraised films "Dr. Qian Xuesen", "Love for Life" (zui ai) and "Love is not Blind".

Over 130 guests from over 20 countries, such as US, France, Australia and Germany attend the event. In addition, the Vancouver International Film Festival and Shanghai International Film sent experts in order to choose movies for their events. Furthermore, the chairman of Montreal's International Film Festival will attend this year's event for the second time.

失恋33天 - shilian 33 tian - "Love is not Blind", a romantic comedy that premiered last year on 'Bachelors Day', will be one of the Chinese films that try to breakthrough and enter the international market during the current "Beijing Screenings" event

Original article published by 搜狐娱乐

[1] 北京国际电影节 běijīng guójì diànyǐng jié dì - Beijing International Film Festival, a relatively new government-run event that overlaps with the 'Beijing Screenings' festival.

[2] "北京放映" běijīng fàngyìng - 'Beijing Screenings', an annual event where Chinese movies are shown to international movie critics and film distributors, in attempt to improve China's influence over the global film market. The event is  sponsored by the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Beijing Radio, Film and TV Bureau and was organized by the China Film Group Corporation and China Film Promotion International.

[3] 启动仪式 qǐdòng yíshì - Opening ceremony

[4] 导演 dǎoyǎn - Director

[5] 国产 guóchǎn - National produced (made in China)

[6] 海外 hǎiwài - Overseas

[7] 片商 piàn shāng - Movie distributor

[8] 国际性 guójì xìng - International

[9] 电影奖项活动 diànyǐng jiǎng xiàng huódòng - Movie award event

[10] 思想性 sīxiǎng xìng - Ideological

[11]艺术性 yìshù xìng - Artistic

[12] 口碑 kǒu bēi - 'From mouth to ear', public praise

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