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妇联:反家庭暴力法进入预备立法阶段 - Women's Federation: The Law against Domestic Violence is being prepared for legislation print version
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Yesterday, China's Women's Federation has revealed during an interview that the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) has already brought the Law Against Domestic Violence into articles prepared for legislation. At present, the Law Against Domestic Violence has already entered the last stage of survey and clarification.

In 2010, the Women's Federation has made an advanced study of the state of actions against domestic violence in China and abroad. In one province, 64% of interviewed adults have experienced domestic violence, almost 40% of married couples admit having marriage violence and 60% of minors have suffered from violence from either one or both parents. Since recent years, the Women's Federation is continuously devoting itself to promoting legislation against domestic violence, and for four successive years has advised that such law will be brought in the national legislation plan.

At present, the Law against Domestic Violence has already entered the last survey and clarification stage. Relevant personnel of the Women's Federation explain that the main issue in the legislation against domestic violence is which prevention measurements can be adopted towards such violence. The Women's Federation will gather the feedback of survey results in the Legislation Working Committee of the NPC Standing Committee, preparing for the final legislation.

Original article published by 京华网

[1] 全国妇联 quánguó fùlián - National Women's Federation, or 'All-China Women's Federation', (中华全国妇女联合会), an organization established in the early days of the PRC, with the objective of protecting women's rights, promoting equality between sexes (compared to traditional Chinese values) and providing support for women and children in many issues. Today the Fu Lian are treated more like an NGO, though they it is still often in accord with ideas expressed by the Communist Party.

[2] 全国人大常委会 quánguó réndà chángwěihuì - Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), the legislative house in China, mediating between the government, the communist party and some circles of society.  

[3] 反家庭暴力法 fǎn jiātíng bàolì fǎ - Law Against Domestic Violence; a law proposal that is mainly aimed to protect children and women in case of family violence

[4] 立法 lìfǎ - Legislation

[5] 调查论证阶段 diàochá lùnzhèng jiēduàn - Stage of survey and explanation/clarification; last procedures in the National People's Congress as a law is being prepared for legislation

[6] 成年人 chéngniánrén - Adult

[7] 夫妻 fūqī - Husband-wife

[8] 婚姻暴力 hūnyīn bàolì - Marriage violence

[9] 未成年 wèichéngnián - Minor (a person younger than 18)

[10] 预防措施 yùfáng cuòshī - Prevention measurements

[11] 反馈 fǎnkuì - Feedback

[12] 法工委 fǎ gōngwěi - Legislation Working Committee

[13] 汇总 huì zǒng - Gather, collect

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