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温家宝和小学生一起上体育课 - Wen Jiabao took part in a physical education class in a primary school print version
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今年3月5日,温家宝总理[1]在十一届全国人大四次会议[2]上所作的政府工作报告中明确提出要"保证中小学[3]生每天一小时校园体育活动。"在六一儿童节[4]到来的时候,温家宝来到北京市朝阳区(Chaoyang district)十八里店小学的操场上,与小学生们同上了一堂体育课[5]。



On March 5th this year, during the 11th National People's Congress, premier Wen Jiabao has clearly expressed an object in a government work report, of guaranteeing that 'middle and primary school pupils will engage in a sport activity within the campus for one hour each day'.  During Children's Day (June 1st), Wen Jiabao arrived at the sportsground of the Shibalidian elementary school, Chaoyang district, Beijing, and attended a physical education class along with the pupils.

At 8:55 in the morning, basketball class begins. Wen Jiabao is exercising a warm-up drill with the other pupils. Running along the basketball court, exercising the body, Wen Jiabao catched the ball, passed to him from another student, and shot a basket. Looking at the strong posture of the premier and his skilled movements, all those present applause enthusiastically. Wen Jiabao continues and plays a basketball match with some other pupils. Taking part in a physical education class with elementary school pupils for the full 40 minutes, this has made Wen Jiabao seem as if he is back in the childhood days. He said: "Fellow pupils, playing a game of basketball with you makes me very happy. Everybody knows that life lies in physical activity. The basis of virtue-wisdom-body is the body and in order to fully develop the virtue-wisdom-body one must posses a strong and healthy body." Wen Jiabao continued and said: "Only if the children are healthy our motherland has a future. Students should love physical activity, exercise frequently and let physical activity penetrate throughout their lives.

10 o'clock, time to say farewell; the children are shouting, standing around Wen Jiabao and not willing to leave. Attending physical education class with premier Wen and playing basketball with him have made them greatly excited. The health quality of a nation is highly important. There is a very big significance in the fact the premier is willing to participate in the physical education class with children, as he hopes that children have more time and space to take part in physical exercise activities.  

Based on an article published in A CCTV video news item about Wen's primary school visit is shown here.

[1] 温家宝总理 wēnjiābǎo zǒnglǐ - Premier Wen Jiabao; the head of government and the second strongest personnel in the Chinese state

[2] 十一届全国人大四次会议 shíyī jiè quánguó réndà sì cì huìyì - The fourth conference in 11th National People's Congress (NPC) (全国人大 is short for 全国人民代表大会), the legislative house, approximately 3000 delegates.

[3] 中小学 zhōng xiǎoxué - Middle schools and primary schools

[4] 六一儿童节 liù yī értóng jié - June 1st (六一 means 6/1) 'Children's Day' (International Children's Day), celebrated in China and utilized in China to promote children-related discussions and policies.

[5] 体育课 tǐyù kè - Physical education class

[6] 篮球 lánqiú - Basketball

[7] 童年 tóngnián - Childhood

[8] 德智体 dé zhì tǐ - Virtue, wisdom, body; three aspects of a person's essence, which should be all nurtured, according to many Chinese personnel

[9] 祖国 zǔguó - Motherland, China

[10] 民族 mínzú - Ethnic group, in this article meaning 'nation'

[11] 健康素质 jiànkāng sùzhì  - 'Health quality'; sùzhì, 'quality' is often used to describe people, and societies (health quality - 健康素质, psychological quality - 心理素质)

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