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王力宏超过姚晨成为“微博帝”- Wang Lihong surpassed Yao Chen to become the 'Weibo King' print version
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Movie actress Yao Chen, host and singer Xie Na and actor-singer Leehom  Wang (Wang Lihong) are engaging in an explicit battle for popularity, or more precisely, becoming the 'emperors of Weibo'. China is gazing at the number of Weibo (China's leading microblog) fans of each of three (currently standing at about 30 million each), as Weibo becomes not only a platform for exposure, but the main objective of the three stars.

近日姚晨(Yao Chen)和谢娜(Xie Na)的微博(Weibo)女王[1]之争备受关注,王力宏(Wang Lihong)也加入微博粉丝量[2]第一之争。前几日,微博女王姚晨在新西兰(New Zealand)度蜜月[3]期间,被谢娜的粉丝量超过。但是仅仅一天,姚晨的粉丝量就又赶超了。




wang_lihong_207   yao_chen_photo_321_01 xiena4106_619 

  Wang Lihong, Yao Chen and Xie Na in a quest for the popularity of clicks

In recent days, the battle for the title 'Weibo queen' between Yao Chen and Xia Na has received great attention, yet Wang Lihong is also joining the contest for most Weibo fans. Several days ago, while Weibo queen Yao Chen spent her honeymoon in New Zealand she was surpassed by Xie Na fans. Yet only one day later, Yao Chen fans overtook the lead again.

However, these dramatic developments escalated with a sharp increase of Wang Lihong's fans, finally surpassing Yao Chen and Xie Na in the number of fans on December 2 and reaching the first position. This is the first time Weibo produces a 'Weibo Emperor'. Netizens joked by saying that 'finally the wheel has turned that a man became China's emperor'.

Since there is more than 2 million difference between the 4th place and the top three, it will be difficult for 4th place and under to enter the 'top three'. Because there are very small differences in the fan number among the leading three, it is difficult to predict whether or not Wang Lihong manages to maintain the first place for long.

Wang Lihong opened his Weibo account later than Yao Chen and Xie Na, but his popularity has risen very fast.  In the near future, Wang Lihong will have a musical show with high exposure, which will probably attract the attention of new fans.

Original article published by 华商晨报

[1] 女王 nǚwáng - queen

[2] 粉丝量 fěn sī liàng - number of fans

[3] 蜜月 mìyuè - honeymoon

[4] 戏剧性 xìjùxìng - drama

[5] 第一位 dìyī wèi - first place

[6] "微博帝" wēibó dì - 'Weibo emperor'

[7] 网友 wǎng yǒu - netizens, internet users

[8] 轮到 lún dào - take turns

[9] 前三 qián sān - top three

[10] 预料 yùliào - predict

[11] 人气 rén qì - appeal, popularity

[12] 演唱会 yǎnchàng huì - musical concert

[13] 曝光 pùguāng - exposure

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