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大学推行“恋爱实名制”是否也会有积极意义?- Universities asking students to report their love life: Can this have a positive implication? print version
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At around 9pm in the evening of March 5th, an internet user has posted a note in Maopu net (, saying that Fuzhou University has been carrying out 'real name romance system' recently, demanding students to conduct 'those who are in a romantic relationship should register'. This internet user has also published a photo of one 'questionnaire survey for romantic relationships' within his post.

Many schoolmates express understanding towards the practice of the school authorities. Student Tang of Fuzhou University's Chinese language major said: "Nowadays the psychological adaptive capabilities of university students are too weak. It is a good thing that the school comprehends the real situation. For example, if I lose my love, teachers could quickly find out my state, and somebody could assist me in my emotional crisis.

However, some schoolmates feel this survey isn't very appropriate. "Some schoolmates believe that dating (or having a romance) is one's own matter, and that it is individual privacy. Certain teachers in Fuzhou University believe that after a specific student loses one's love and experiences an extreme situation, the school should definitely adopt some measurements, such as strengthen the student's view of life, romantic view and education of life setbacks. A student in the university stage should after all put one's studies at the first priority.

Teacher Tu of Fuzhou University's publicity department says that the school had never carried out 'registration system for romantic ties'. The supervising school has also never demanded students to fill in a registration form and if there was a situation of a student filling up such form it was an exceptional phenomenon. As a matter of fact, school authorities have many kinds of surveys addressing students every year, including this survey of the romantic situation, the students' family situation, study situation, individual's emotions, though the school really doesn't force each student to fill in the romantic questionnaire.

[1] 网友 wǎng yǒu - Netizen, internet user.

[2] 猫扑网 māo pū wǎng -, a Chinese internet portal, established in 1997, which addresses youngsters (particularly ages 16-25) with interactive and entertaining content.

[3] 帖 tiě - Note; here in the meaning of an internet post.

[4] 福州大学 fúzhōu dàxué - Fushou University; a big scale university in the city of Fuzhou, 

[5] "恋爱实名制" liànài shí míng zhì - 'The system for real name romantic ties'; The meaning of恋爱 (liànài) is somewhere between 'dating', 'falling-in-love', and 'romantic relationship'. The system mentioned is basically surveys which student has to fill in, stating their romantic status and their romantic partners, thus reinforcing the school's supervision on student affairs.

[6]人生挫折的教育 rénshēng cuòzhé de jiàoyù - 'Education for life's setbacks', education and teaching which aims to assist in recouping from crisis of failure, promoting a more positive and flexible attitude towards life difficulties.

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