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天津大学搭建爱心帐篷接待新生家长 - Tianjin University set up tents to host parents of new students print version
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Sometimes it's the first time the the bond between parents and their single child faces the challenge of long-distance. For poor households it might also be sending a child to a new unfamiliar territory... The emotional event of sending the child to university is now highlighted by a symbolic initiative of Tianjin University that supplies modest accommodation to parents of new students. Is it a drop in the ocean or a beginning of a new trend?


每年大学新生入学,他们的父母面对一晚二三百的住宿费[3],一些送孩子的家长不是选择露宿[4],就是坐在哪间教室的椅子上[5]一夜......今年,为了让送孩子的家长,尤其是来自中西部地区的家长有安身之所[6],天津大学(Tianjin University)购置了200顶爱心帐篷('tents of compassion'),在学校新体育馆篮球场[7]搭起了"临时小家"('temporal small homes')。


据天津大学体育馆馆长(director of the gymnasium)冯树俊介绍,家长在28-30日三天内可以免费在新体育馆内住宿,是学校的首次尝试[9]。冯树俊说,学校有望在明年的新生录取通知书[10]中提前向新生和家长告知这一服务,并根据情况新增帐篷和毛巾被等。


When the registration period for new students arrives, many parents wish to see their kids off personally to the gate of the university. For many poor children and parents that arrive from regions in the west and center of the country this is the first time they 'go down the big mountains'.

Every year when new university students enter school, their parents may face prices of 200-300 RMB per night of accommodation. Parent often either 'sleep in the open' or find a chair in a classroom and endure the entire night... This year, in order to provide a place of rest for parent who come with their children, particularly parents from west and center China, Tianjin University purchased 200 'compassion tents' and set them up on the basketball court of its new gymnasium, making them 'temporal small homes'.

Reporters found 60 blue tents in the gym. Separate bathrooms for men and women are located inside the gym and working personnel clean the place at fixed hours.

According to the director of the Gymnasium in Beijing University, Feng Shujun, parents can stay in the gymnasium free-of-charge for three days (28-30/8). This is a new trial initiative of the school. Feng said that the school hopes that next year's admission notice for new student will provide information about this service for students and parents, and accordingly also supply towels and sheets.

Original article published by 新华网 

[1] 新生 xīnshēng - new students

[2] 走出大山 zǒuchū dàshān - 'get down the big mountain', leave the inland areas and head to the coast

[3] 住宿费 zhùsù fèi - accommodation price

[4] 露宿 lùsù - 'sleep in the open'

[5] 熬 áo - 'Boil', endure, stay up late

[6] 安身之所 ānshēn zhī suǒ - a place to rest

[7] 体育馆篮球场 tǐyùguǎn lánqiú chǎng - basketball court in a gymnasium

[8] 浴室 yùshì - bathroom

[9] 尝试 chángshì - attempt, trial

[10]录取通知书 lùqǔ tōngzhī shū - admission notice

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