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对“农二代”小伙辍学卖淫的思考 - The story of the 'nong er dai' (son of peasants) youngster who quitted school to prostitute himself print version
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The story of young Xiao Guan, who became a male prostitute at a very young age, upsets many Chinese. Media and public discourses try to put a social classification on this youngster and suggest that his background and the fact that he is a 'nong er dai' - second generation to peasants - are related to his tragic outcome. On the other hand, the following article suggests that he is a special case and refrains from making social generalizations.  

小关(Xiao Guan)表示,自己13岁就辍学[1]打工,17岁开始做""[2]。小关表示,这个行业优秀的人太多,竞争激烈[3]压力很大,自己不想回农村,也从来没有想过未来,当"鸭"多年也没有赚到钱。



Xiao Guan said that when he was 13, he dropped his studies and when he was 17 he started to become a "duck" (prostitute himself). He said that there are many skillful people in this profession and the competition is fierce. He does not want to return to the countryside, yet he never thought about the future. After many years as a "duck", he did not earn a significant sum of money.

According to statistics, last year 150 million people left the peasantry. Among them, about 60% (100 million) are sons and daughters of peasants ("nong er dai"). This young fellow who left school to prostitute himself is one of these 100 million "nong er dai".

I believe that this fellow is a special case and does not represent the entire lifestyle of the "nong er dai". We cannot regards "nong er dai" as a modern discriminatory expression just like "guan er dai" or "fu er dai", just because of the negative case of one "nong er dai" guy who quits schools and prostitutes himself.

Original article published by 天山网

[1] 辍学 chuò xué - Quit studies

[2] "鸭" yā - 'Duck', male prostitute. Since "鸡" ('chicken') is slang for female prostitute, 'duck' became a term for male counterparts

[3] 竞争激烈 jìngzhēng jīliè - Fierce competition

[4] 外出农民工 wàichū nóngmíngōng - Peasants who leave the countryside or the peasantry

[5] "农二代" nóng èr dài - 'The second generation of peasants', this is another modern term that attempts to classify social discriminations within the Chinese society

[6] 卖淫mài yín - Prostitute oneself

[7] 笔者bǐzhě - 'I, the author'

[8] 特例tèlì  - Special case

[9] 生活状况 shēnghuó zhuàngkuàng - Lifestyle, living conditions

[10] "官二代" guān èr dài - 'Guan er dai', 'the second generation to government officials'; a popular term that depicts the favorable conditions that sons and daughters of officials receive from different institutions and services.

[11] "富二代" fù èr dài - 'Fu er dai', 'the second generation to the rich'; a term that expresses the easy and spoiled life of offspring of wealthy Chinese

[12] 歧视性 qíshì xìng - Discriminatory

[13] "时代烙印" shídài làoyìn - "Modern label"

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