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国务院加强大气污染监测 - The State Council is strengthening the monitoring of air pollution print version

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Within a few months, a new term - PM2.5 suddenly became well known for every Chinese and is constantly discussed by the Chinese press. PM2.5 - Fine Particle Designations, signifies the monitoring of air pollution. It is becoming the indicator of pollution and an important concept in a new national objective.


海通证券(Haitong Securities, a Shanghai based financial security company)认为本次会议有两大看点,一是"十二五"[8]期间推进PM2.5监测,二是电力[9]、钢铁[10]、石化[11]、水泥[12]行业的二氧化硫[13]、氮氧化物[14]治理。

估算当前PM2.5监测仪器[15]总需求为4亿元,从2012年算到2015年,年均[16]PM2.5监测仪器需求1亿元。估算国家重点监测的电力、钢铁、石化、水泥行业企业总数在3000家以上需求为45亿元,从2012年算到2015年,年均CEMS(Continuous Emissions Monitors)需求11.25亿元。

On February 29, the State Council premier, Wen Jiabao, directed a routine conference of the State Council, announcing the newly revised "Quality standards for the air (pollution)". This strengthens the prevention and treatment of air pollution. The new 'standards' raise the monitored limit for PM2.5 and O3 in 8-hours readings.

Haitong Securities (a Shanghai based financial security company) believes that this conference has two significant points: One is advancement of PM2.5 supervision during the '12th Five Year Plan' and second is the administration of oxidized sulfur and nitrogen in electric power and in the industries of iron, petrochemicals and cement.

It is calculated that at present the equipment for PM2.5 monitoring requires a budget of ¥400 million (¥100 million shall be spent annually during 2012-2015). Inspection of over 3000 factories in the electric power, iron, petrochemicals and cement industries requires ¥4.5 billion for CEMS(Continuous Emissions Monitors) (¥1.125 billion shall be spent annually during 2012-2015).

[1] 国务院 guówùyuàn - State Council, the chief administrative authority in the PRC.

[2] 温家宝 wēnjiābǎo - Wen Jiabao, the State Council premier.

[3] 国务院常务会议 guówùyuàn chángwù huìyì - State Council routine meetings, normally taken place once a week, with the presence of the high State Council officials, including premier Wen Jiabao.

[4] 修订 xiūdìng - Revised

[5] 大气污染 dàqì wūrǎn - Air pollution

[6] 防治 fángzhì - Prevention and treatment

[7] 限值监测指标 xiàn zhí jiāncè zhǐbiāo - Limited monitored quota

[8] "十二五" shíèr wǔ - 'The 12th Five Year Plan'. Five Year Plans (中国五年计划) are guidelines given by the NPC and CPPCC, concerning to economical policies and desired developments and their implementation during a five-year period. The first Five Year Plan took place between 1953 and1957. At present, China is entering its 12th 'Five Year Plan' (2011-2015), which so far has yet to be implemented.

[9] 电力 diànlì - Electrical power

[10]钢铁 gāngtiě - Iron & steel

[11]石化 shí huà - Petrochemical industry

[12] 水泥 shuǐní - Cement

[13] 二氧化硫èr yǎnghuà liú - Sulfur oxidization

[14] 氮氧化物 dànyǎnghuàwù - Nitrogen oxidization

[15] 监测仪器 jiāncè yíqì - Monitoring equipment

[16] 年均 nián jūn - Yearly average

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