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“五一”后全面禁烟尴尬开局 - The smoking prohibition is awkwardly implemented since May 1st print version
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"五一"已过,国家卫生部[1]新修订的《公共场所[2]卫生管理条例实施细则》[3]正式生效。记者通过探访了解了兰溪市(Lanxi, a city in Zhejiang province)内公共场所目前的禁烟[4]情况。。当天上午10时半,记者来到市区一家咖啡厅。   记者在咖啡厅内也没有看到任何禁烟标志[5],每张桌子上同样还放着烟灰缸。在市区一家网吧[6]内,记者发现禁烟标志随处可见,但是吸烟的人也并不少见。 对于吸烟现象,网吧工作人员表示,很难阻止。 中午11时半左右,记者来到一家餐馆。大厅里已坐了几桌客人,其中一桌的几名男子在吸烟。餐馆服务员表示,他们并不知道"五一"开始禁烟一事,目前店里没有设置禁烟标志,也没有安排服务人员劝导顾客禁烟。

接受采访的大多数市民都支持"室内公共场所禁烟"规定。市民王女士则表示,常看见人吸烟,从未见受处罚,也未见过有人检查。喊禁烟已不是一年两年了,但烟民并不见少,关键还在于如何执法。如果没有强制措施[7],禁烟也是件难事。 对于《细则》的实施,大多市民认为虽是进步,但没有对在室内公共场所吸烟的人提出的处罚措施。

May 1st already passed and the nation health department's new revised 'detailed regulations for health supervision in public places' are officially put into effect. The reporter, through interviews, got acquainted the present situation of smoking prohibition in Lanxi urban district. On 10:30 that day, the reporter arrived at a city café. In the café, the reporter didn't find any no-smoking signs, and ashtrays were lying similarly on every table. In an internet bar in the city, the reporter found out no-smoking signs visible everywhere, but smoking people by no means were few. Concerning the smoking phenomenon, working personnel of the internet bar said that it is difficult to prohibit. At around 11:30 at noon, the reporter arrived at a restaurant. In the main hall there were already several tables with customers, among which some men in one of the tables were smoking. The restaurant's waiter said that they are not aware of the May 1st new smoking-prohibition. At present no no-smoking signs were installed in the place, and the waiters haven't been instructed to stop customers from smoking.

The many townspeople who answered short interviews all support the regulation of 'smoking prohibition inside public places'. On of them, Wang nushi said that smoking people are often seen, but she has never seen someone punished or someone supervising. The shout to prohibit smoking already exists for more than a year or two, but smoking people are by no means fewer and the key is how to enforce the law. If there are no compulsory measures, prohibition is a difficult task. Concerning the implementation of the 'detailed regulations', most townspeople believe that although this is progress, there are now punishment measures that were put forward in front of people who smoke inside public places.

Persons in charge in the health supervision department of Lanxi city say that the mobility of the working staff in public places is high and health supervision is very difficult. Moreover, at present the laws and regulations regarding smokers don't bring about concrete punishments and smokers can only be dissuaded from smoking, therefore the execution of the regulations is very difficult. If it would be possible to publish relevant law penalties then the task of realizing the smoking prohibition could be easy.

[1] 国家卫生部 guójiā wèishēngbù - National Health Department

[2] 公共场所 gōnggòng chǎngsuǒ - Public places

[3] 《公共场所卫生管理条例实施细则》gōnggòng chǎngsuǒ wèishēng guǎnlǐ tiáolì shíshī xì zé - Detailed regulations for health supervision in public places; regulations for health norms in public places. Such regulations were first issued in 1991. On February 2001 they were revised and implemented since May 1st. One of the major innovations of the current regulations is prohibition of smoking in public places.

[4] 禁烟 jìn yān - Smoking prohibition

[5] 禁烟标志 jìn yān biāozhì - No-smoking signs

[6] 网吧 wǎngba - Internet café (in Chinese 'internet bar')

[7] 强制措施 qiángzhì cuòshī - Compulsory measure

[8] 卫生监督所 wèishēng jiāndū suǒ - Department of Health Ispection & Supervision

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