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中国高净值人群消费需求报道公布了 - The report on consumption habits of high net worth Chinese is published print version
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胡润研究院(Hurun Report Research Institute)与兴业银行(Industrial Bank Co Ltd)27日联合发布《2012中国高净值人群[1]消费需求白皮书》("The Chinese Luxury Consumer White Paper 2012")显示,目前中国个人资产[2]在600万元以上的高净值人群达到270万人。他们的平均年龄为39岁,其中个人资产达到亿元以上的高净值人群数量约6.35万人,平均年龄为41岁。

据国际金融报(International Finance News)报道,调查显示,旅游、养生保健[3]、子女教育[4]是最近高净值人群最期待私人银行[5]提供的增值服务。作为新趋势[6],中国高净值人群的开始喜欢游艇[7]。另外,超过3/4的高净值人群认为对自己最大的帮助是拓展人脉[8],认为对扩大知识面和增长专业知识[9]有帮助的分别有60%,认为对提高学历[10]有帮助的有35%。


                                                            (Taken from China Daily)

Hurun Report Research Institute and Industrial Bank Co Ltd jointly published "The Chinese Luxury Consumer White Paper 2012" on March 27. The report shows that at present there are 2,700,000 people in China with a property net worth of at least ¥6 million. Their average age is 39 and among them there are about 63,500 people with a net worth of over ¥100 million, in an average age of 41.

According to a report by International Finance News, surveys show that recently, traveling, health care and children's education are the services that high net worth individuals most expect to receive from private banks. As a new trend, high net worth Chinese are starting to enjoy yachts. In addition, over 3/4 of high net worth individuals believe that the thing that is most effective in improving themselves is expanding their social connections; 60% believe it contributes to one's general knowledge and professional knowledge, while 35% believe it can improve one's study achievements.

The Hurun report indicates that the life-style of the high net worth people individuals can be divided into three major stages: Creating wealth, protecting wealth and enjoying wealth.

Original article published by 中国经营网

[1] 高净值人群 gāo jìngzhí rénqún - High net worth people

[2] 个人资产 gèrén zīchǎn - Individual property

[3]养生保健 yǎng shēng bǎojiàn - Health care

[4] 子女教育 zǐnǚ jiàoyù - Children's education

[5] 私人银行 sīrén yínháng - Private banking

[6] 新趋势 xīn qūshì - New trend

[7] 游艇 yóutǐng - Yacht, pleasure boat

[8] 人脉 rén mài - "People's blood vessels", signifying interpersonal connections (人际关系), social circle

[9] 专业知识 zhuānyè zhīshi - Professional knowledge

[10] 学历 xuélì - Studies, study experience, study achievements

[11] 创富、守富、享富 chuàng fù 、 shǒu fù 、 xiǎng fù - Create wealth, protect wealth, enjoy wealth

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