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离婚仪式的现象 - The phenomenon of Divorce Ceremonies-Parties print version
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婚姻走到终点,与其不欢而散[1],不如好聚好散[2],和平分手。 " 离婚式"[3] 从日本(Japan)传到中国,从冯小刚[4]幽默的电影成为普通人的现实生活。

《 非诚勿扰2 》[5]('If you are the one 2')开场让人忍俊不禁[6]。在花园式里,昔日恋人被伴郎伴娘[7]簇拥,坐着马车[8]登场。无数的来宾捧场,同样的各种祝福和花园仪式,这是富豪[9]版本的离婚式。

日本现在的版本,是把结婚戒指[10]敲碎,唱歌跳舞欢庆终于离婚了。一场离婚仪式的价格约4400元人民币,创意发起人寺井广树(Hiroki Terai)成立离婚事务所[11]一年就接到了25对离婚夫妇的案子[12]。


When a marriage is approaching its end, separating on bad terms is not as good as a happily separation gathering and a peaceful breakup. 'Divorce ceremonies (parties)' have been spread out from Japan to China. From Feng Xiaogang's humorous movie they have become a life reality of ordinary people.

The opening scene of 'If you are the one 2' made people laugh helplessly. In a garden ceremony, the former lovers, surrounded by best man and bridesmaids, sit on a horse carriage and brought to stage. Numerous guests are applauding, and many blessings are expressed. This is the rich people's edition of a divorce ceremony.

In the present edition in Japan, as the wedding ring is broken into pieces, and there is a joyous celebration of singing and dancing, a couple is finally divorced. The price of one divorce ceremony is 4400 RMB. The creative initiator, Hiroki Terai, has established a divorce office, receiving divorce applications of 25 couples a year.

In Argentina this new trend is also becoming popular. Divorce ceremonies normally take place in a relatively isolated place, managed by a divorce-ceremony service agency. The site of the divorce ceremony is not painstakingly decorated, and is quite similar to an ordinary friend's birthday party, only there are dim lights inside the sight, which give people a sad feeling. Similarly to an ordinary party activity, guests can prepare gifts, but unlike the wedding ceremony, they don't give the gifts to the couple but rather give them only to the side they know well (the man or the woman). The participants normally bless the man and woman for "a new beginning of life".

Original item publishen in Youth Daily 青年报 

[1] 不欢而散 bùhuānérsàn - Part on bad terms, sad separation

[2] 好聚好散 hǎo jù hǎo sàn - Happily party, happily separate

[3]离婚式 líhūn shì - Divorce ceremony, divorce party. This is a new phenomenon, which (according to the article) is taking place mostly in Japan and Argentina. In China, although it was introduced through the "If you are the one 2" film, it is believed to exist in a very small scale if at all, though it still reflects some of the value changes within the Chinese society (especially within the middle and upper classes), and the more permissive views regarding 'divorce'.

[4] 冯小刚 féng xiǎo gāng - A 51 years old Chinese director, who is responsible for some major blockbusters within mainland China. His notable movies include 'If you are the one' (非诚勿扰), 'Aftershock' (唐山大地震), 'Be there or be square' (不见不散) and more.

[5] 《 非诚勿扰2 》fēi chéng wù rǎo - "If you are the one 2" (the Chinese name means 'if you are not sincere, don't disturb'), a 2010 romantic comedy starring Ge You and Shu Qi, directed by Feng Xiaogang. The film has a memorable opening scene that portrays a hilarious extravagant divorce ceremony-party. This ceremony, as well as other scenes in the movie, shows the shifts in values within the Chinese upper classes.

[6]忍俊不禁 rěn zùn bùjīn - Can't help laughing

[7] 伴郎伴娘 bàn láng bàn niáng - Best-man, bridesmaid

[8] 马车 mǎchē - Horse carriage

[9] 富豪 fù háo - Rich and powerful

[10] 结婚戒指 jiéhūn jièzhi - Wedding ring

[11] 离婚事务所 líhūn shìwù suǒ - Divorce office

[12] 案子 ànzi - Application, case

[13] 离婚仪式服务公司 líhūn yíshì fúwù gōngsī - Divorce-ceremony service agency

[14] 派对 pài duì - Party

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