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高级人民法院驳回吴英的上诉,维持死刑 - The High People's Court rejected Wu Ying's appeal and affirmed her death sentence print version
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5月21日下午,浙江省高级人民法院(The High People's Court of Zhejiang province)经重新审理[1]后,对被告人[2]吴英集资诈骗[3]案作出终审判决[4],以集资诈骗罪判处被告人吴英(Wu Ying)死刑[5],剥夺[6]政治权利[7]终身,并处没收[8]其个人全部财产。

被告人吴英集资诈骗一案,中级人民法院一审认定被告人吴英,于2003年至2005年在东阳市(Dong Yang city)开办美容店[9],高息[10]集资,欠下巨额债务[11]。为还债,吴英继续非法集资。



May 21, the high people's court of Zhejiang province heard again the fraud case of defendant Wu Ying and made a final verdict. Wu Ying was sentenced a death punishment for defraud in raising funds. The verdict stropped off Wu's political rights for her entire lifetime and confiscated her property.

The People's Court determined that between 2003 and 2005 Wu Ying run a cosmetics store in Dong Yang city. Later she raised funds for investment and owed huge sums of debts. Wu continued to raise funds illegally in order to pay her debts.

Between May 2005 and January 2007, Wo Ying used illegal methods, altogether raising 770 million RMB, but defrauding the sum to 380 million.

Wu Ying appealed her verdict, and then the Zhejiang High People's Court conducted an open hearing. The court overruled the appeal and affirmed the original sentence.

[1] 审理 shěnlǐ - Hear a case

[2] 被告人 bèigào rén - Defendant

[3] 集资诈骗 jízī zhàpiàn - Defraud of raising funds

[4] 终审判决 zhōng shěnpàn jué - Final verdict

[5] 死刑 sǐxíng - Death sentence

[6] 剥夺 bōduó - Deprive

[7] 政治权利 zhèngzhì quánlì - Political rights

[8] 没收 mòshōu - Confiscate

[9] 美容店 měiróng diàn - Cosmetics shop

[10] 高息 gāo xī - High interest

[11] 债务 zhàiwù - Debt

[12] 上诉 shàngsù - Appeal

[13] 公开开庭审理 gōngkāi kāitíng shěnlǐ - Open court case

[14] 驳回 bóhuí - Overrule

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