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“富二代”致信汪洋称要做“创二代”- The Fuerdai wrote a letter to Wang Yang, asking to define themselves as 'Chuang ye er dai' (second generation of business pioneers) print version
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Chinese society has mixed feeling towards sons and daughters of successful businesspersons. The term 'fuerdai' is a negative description of spoiled rich youngsters while now, young entrepreneurs in Guangdong are asking to define themselves as 'chuangye erdai', the second generation of business pioneers, hoping to change the stigma and emphasize their determination to succeed.

 《民营经济报》("Private Economy News")刊登[1]了《广东(Guangdong)"创业二代"[2]致汪洋书记一封信》。信中说,虽然当前"我们被贴上了富二代'[3]的[4]",但"我们更愿意通过自己的努力","定位于‘创业二代'",希望得到汪洋书记[5]更多的关注和支持。

汪洋写了长达1000字的回信。汪洋说,看到"创业二代"锐意进取[6],他感到非常高兴。汪洋表示,支持年轻一代民营企业家[7]的成长, 是增强市场经济活力[8]的重要措施。他肯定广东新生代[9]民营企业家自我定位为"创业二代"。汪洋说,富贵[10]易生骄奢[11]。但广东许多新生代民营企业家不愿在富贵中享安逸[12],更渴望创新绩。

改革开放[13]30 多年来,广东民营企业家抓住机遇,为广东及国家的发展做出了贡献。老一辈民营企业家开创的事业要继续发扬光大[14], "接班人[15]"是关键。

The newspaper 'Private Economy News' published a letter titled "a letter from Guangdong's second generation of business pioneers ('chuangye erdai') to secretary (secretary of the provincial CP Committee) Wang Yang". The content of letter explains that "although we are labeled as 'fuerdai' (second generation of the rich, a term that carries a derogatory flavor), we are willing to put an extra effort to define ourselves as 'the second generation of business pioneers', and we hope to receive secretary Wang's support."

Wang Yang replied with a letter of 1000 characters. He said that he is very happy to see the eager intention to advance of 'the second generation of business pioneers'. He said that supporting the younger generation of privately run businesses as they mature is also an important task in strengthening the economic vitality of the market. He approves the self-definition 'second generation of business pioneers' (chuangye erdai). Wang Yang added that wealth can easily produce arrogance, but many of Guangdong's young privately run entrepreneurs are not willing to enjoy the easy life of wealth and are motivated to bring forth new initiatives, defining themselves as the 'chuang ye er dai'.

As the reform era began more than 30 years ago, enterprisers of privately run businesses in Guangdong seized up the opportunity and contributed to the development of Guangdong and China. The key for the continuation of the enterprises of the older generation is now in the hands of their successors. 

[1] 刊登 kāndēng - Publish (in a periodical)

[2] "创业二代" chuàngyè èr dài - 'The second generation of business pioneers', a new term presented in this articles, the highlights the motivation and initiative of children to parents who built up private enterprises during the reform era.

[3] ‘富二代'  fù èr dài - 'Fuerdai', 'the second generation of the rich'; a negative popular term that depicts the spoiled and selfish offspring of rich Chinese

[4] 标签 biāoqiān - Label

[5] 书记 shūji - Secretary (here referring to Wang Yang, secretary of Guangdong's CP Committee)

[6]锐意进取 ruì yì jìnqǔ - Eager to advance

[7] 民营企业家 mínyíng qǐyè jiā - Enterprisers of privately-run businesses

[8] 经济活力 jīngjì huólì - Economic vitality

[9] 新生代 xīnshēng dài - New generation

[10] 富贵 fùguì - Wealth and honor

[11] 骄奢 jiāo shē - Proud, arrogant

[12] 安逸 ānyì - Easy and comfortable

[13]改革开放 gǎigé kāifàng - The Chinese Reform Era (initiated in 1979)

[14] 发扬光大 fāyángguāngdà - Carry forward, develop

[15]接班人 jiēbānrén - Successors

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