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三峡集团审计发现问题 将整改财务 - The examination of the Three Gorges Corporation discovered problems, a financial reform will be performed print version
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China's government admits that the efforts concerning the problems of the Three Gorges dam are still in progress. After the state-owned enterprise in the dam, China Three Gorges Corporation, received the governmental audit supervision, it announced that it will implement a financial reform. According to a report by the governmental media Xinhua News Agency, the audit conducted by the state audit discovered 31 financial problems. Vice president of the Three Gorges group, Sha Xianhua, said that this audit supervision truly reflects problems that exist in the China Three Gorges Corporation. Among the problems pointed out by the audit report, 10 articles have already been organized and corrected, other problems are now being reformed.

The Three Gorges dam is the world's biggest hydraulic power generation station. In the few days before its financial problems were published, the State Council published an announcement that the Three Gorges dam is urgently resolving social and environmental problems.

Dai Qing, a senior Chinese environmental protection critic, says that in the spring this year many of China's provinces experience drought, leading to the fact that the central government cannot continue to cover up problems. Dai Qing hold a dubious attitude towards the government. He believes that the Three Gorges dam has already brought about destruction, and the government is unable to do something to resolve the severe environmental problems brought about by the 180m high dam. China's government, after carrying out audits, often publishes problems within state owned enterprises, but a massive reform in these enterprises seldom takes place. Xinhua News Agency said that the latest objective includes 17 state owned enterprises, the China Three Gorges Corporation is one of them, though Xinhua has not yet provided further details.

Based on an article published in the Wall Street Journal

[1] 三峡大坝 sānxiá dài bà - The Three Gorges dam, a hydroelectric dam in the Yangzi river, Hubei province, completed in 2006. Last week Xinhua News Agency published a report which shows several environmental risks which exists due to faults in the construction of the dam.

[2] 国有企业 guóyǒuqǐyè - State owned enterprise

[3] 中国长江三峡集团 zhōngguó chángjiāng sānxiá jítuán - China Three Gorges Corporation, the state-owned enterprise which constructs the Three Gorges dam

[4] 审计监督 shěnjì jiāndū - Audit control, supervision

[5] 财务改革 cáiwù gǎigé - Financial reform

[6] 新华社 xīnhuáshè - Xinhua News Agency (, the biggest Chinese new agency.

[7] 副总经理 fù zǒngjīnglǐ - Vice president

[8] 水力发电站 shuǐlì fādiàn zhàn - Hydraulic power generation station

[9] 环境保护论者 huánjìng bǎohù lùn zhě - Environment protection critic

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