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2011年全国高考各地作文题公布 - The essay questions of the 2011 National Entrance Exam (Gaokao) of each province are published print version
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高考全 国作文:材料作文




江西:材料作文 以"孟子三乐"[12]为主题写一篇记叙文[13]或议论文[14]。

上海:《一切都会过去与一切都不会过去》1、犹太(Jewish)王大卫(King David)在戒指[15]上刻有一句铭文:一切都会过去。2、契柯夫(Chekhov)小说[16]中的一个人物在戒指上也有一句铭文:一切都不会过去。这两句铭文,引起了你怎样的思考?

The 2011 College Entrance Examination (Gaokao) began on June 7th, altogether 9.33 million examinees are tested. The exam in the first language subject has ended, and the title of the composition-writing test in each province and city was published.

The national Gaokao composition: Data essay
The owner of a special store of sports-lottery tickets bought a football lottery ticket, in advance for a certain customer, in a value of 1024 yuan. On the second day, he found out this ticket has won the big prize of 5.33 million yuan. In the first moment he gave the purchaser a call, and gave the winning lottery ticket to the him. Please choose a perspective as well as write a title.

The 2011 new high level course Gaokao composition: Data essay
The news about China's rise through its achievements in economics and politics has become the biggest news throughout the globe. What major characteristics in China's rise are worth paying attention to? The results of some surveys demonstrate that the differences between the first six places are (in the aspects of): Economic development, international influence, improvements in people's livelihood, level of science & technology, level of new progress in cities. Please discuss your own thoughts according to the data above.

Jiangsu: "Refuse mediocrity"; write an essay using the topic of 'refusing mediocrity'.

Zhejiang: "My time": The success of Ji Xianlin and other famous culture personage cannot be reproduced. They and their accomplishments are already a rare sight. Every one of has its own time. Please write an essay using the topic of 'my time'.

Jiangxi: Data essay: Use the 'The three happiness of Mencius' as a subject of a narration or argumentative essay.

Shanghai: 'Everything will pass and everything will not pass away': 1. The Jewish king David has an inscription of a sentence carved on his ring: 'Everything will pass'. 2. In a novel by Chekhov, on a ring of one of the characters there is also an inscription of a sentence: 'Everything will not pass'. These two inscriptions bring you what kind of thoughts?

Based on an article in 中国新闻网。
This article provides some examples of questions from one of the 2011 gaokao exams, which have been a center topic during June 6-7.

[1] 全国高考 quánguó gāokǎo - National College Entrance Examination; a series of exams, held each year on June 7-8 for last year high-school (gaozhong) students, which determine the high-education prospects of a student

[2] 语文科目 yǔwén kēmù - English subject

[3] 体育彩票 tǐyù cǎipiào - Sport lottery ticket

[4] 大奖 dà jiǎng - Big prize

[5] 崛起 juéqǐ - Rise (in the sense of political and economical rise)

[6]民生改善 mín shēng gǎishàn - Improvements in people's lives, in people's livelihood

[7]科技水平 kējì shuǐpíng - Level of science & technologu

[8]拒绝平庸 jùjué píng yōng - 'Refuse mediocrity'

[9]我的时间 wǒde shíjiān - My time (in the essence of one's generation)

[10] 季羡林jì xiàn lín - Ji Xianlin, 1911-2009; philosopher, Indologist, author

[11] 文化名人wénhuà míngrén - Famous culture personnel

[12] "孟子三乐" mèngzǐ sān lè - 'The three happiness of Mencius'; a text in which the sage Mencius expresses the three main sources of happiness which a noble man can posses.

[13] 记叙文jì xù wén - Narration essay

[14] 议论文 yìlùn wén - Argumentative essay

[15] 戒指 jièzhi - Ring

[16] 小说 xiǎoshuō - Novel

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