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出事幼儿园有家长称:每次校车都塞二三十人 - The crushed kidergarten minibus: Parents say minibuses load 20-30 kids each drive print version
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Zhengning country, Gansu province: A kindergarten minibus crash led to the death of 18, mostly children, leading not only to mournful reactions throughout China, but also to the calling in question of school safety and children transportation, as the minibus was loading 5-6 times the number of passengers permitted.




镇上一位司机[12]证实,出事的校车司机姓杨,他经常看到校车开得飞快[13],一点也不遵守交通规则[14]。另一位司机证实,不仅是校车超载[15]严重,客车[16]也如此。 29座的车最多拉100多人,拉七八十人也经常有,根本没人管。

Yesterday at 9:20pm, reporters rushed to the site of the incident. Because it started raining in the site since the afternoon, the school bus involved in the accident was covered by a big plastic sheet. That golden color minibus has surprisingly squeezed-in 64 adults and children. More than 10 on-duty traffic policemen said that the circumstances of the accident are unclear. Resident Yu Linzi said that the school bus passed other cars and was then hit by a truck.

According to what is understood, this kindergarten was established in February 2004. A parent of one of the kindergarten pupils said that this is a non-governmental kindergarten, at present hosting more than 500 children and more than 20 teachers. In 2009, the kindergarten purchased 4-5 golden vehicles, serving as a transportation tool for children, collecting fees according to distance transported.

One parent said that 'the vehicle can load up to 9 adults, but the children on the cars are all tightly close to each other, perhaps 20-30 children altogether. In the vehicle involved in the accident, there were a surprising 64 people, and I really don't understand how the car could be stuffed this way.'

A driver from the town confirmed that the driver of the vehicle is called (surname) Yang. He has often seen this vehicle driving very fast, completely not respecting traffic regulations. Another driver confirmed that not only this car was dramatically overloaded; buses are also packed this way. A bus of 29 seats can take up to 100 people and often takes 70-80; nobody is supervising...

Original article published by 金羊网

[1] 事发现场 shì fā xiànchǎng - Site of the incident/accident

[2] 塑料布 sùliào bù - Plastic sheet, plastic cloth

[3] 面包车 miànbāochē - 'Bread car', minibus

[4] 当值dāngzhí - On duty

[5] 交警  jiāo jǐng - Traffic police

[6] 超车 chāo chē - Pass cars

[7] 大货车 dàhuòchē - Truck

[8] 幼儿园yòuéryuán - Kindergarten

[9] 民办  mínbàn - People-run, non-governmental

[10] 交通 jiāotōng - Traffic

[11] 紧挨 jǐnāi - Very close to each other

[12] 司机 sījī - Driver

[13] 飞快 fēikuài - 'Flying fast', very fast

[14] 交通规则 jiāotōng guīzé - Traffic regulations

[15] 超载 chāozài - Overload

[16] 客车 kèchē - Bus (of passengers or tourists)

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