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加多宝凉茶上市 凉茶之争不断 - The cold-tea drink of JDP enters the market, the competition in the cold tea market does not stop print version
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The Wang Lao Ji (Wang Lo Kat in Cantonese) herbal drink has become one of the most successful soft drinks in recent years. Yet the division of the old ownership by the Wang family between Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Company Ltd and JDP group has led to an escalating dispute. The former won the ownership of the trademark, while the latter insists that only it owns the original recipe. The competition in the cold-tea market is thus not expected to cease.   

近期,广药集团(Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Company Ltd)与加多宝集团(JDP group)关于"王老吉"(Wang Lao Ji) 这一价值千亿元商标[1]的纷争引起业内[2]关注。在5月9日"王老吉"商标被判决归属[3]广药集团。

虽然"王老吉"商标归属问题已经解决,但凉茶[4]之争似乎才刚开始。加多宝集团28日在北京(Beijing)启动加多宝凉茶上市仪式[5],这表明加多宝自主[6]创立凉茶品牌[7]。在此上市仪式上,加多宝集团品管部[8]总经理[9]庞振国(Wang Zhenguo)表示,加多宝凉茶仍将继续使用王泽邦(Wang Zebang)先生的祖传秘方[10]进行生产,内涵[11]没改变,仅仅改变了产品名称。



   The two competing Wang Lao Ji products, before the court settled the dispute about the trademark

Recently, the dispute between Guang Yao group (Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Company Ltd) and Jia Duo Bao group (JDP group) on the trademark 'Wang Lao Jie', which is worth billions, is strongly followed by the industry. On May 9, court decision determined that the 'Wang Lao Jie' returns to the Guang Yao group.

Although the issue of to whom the 'Wang Lao Jie' trademark belongs is already settled, it seems that the competition in the cold-tea market is only beginning. On the 28, JDP group held an event for the launching of new cold tea products in Beijing. This indicates that JDP group takes the initiative to produce its own trademark of cold tea. In this event, president of the Quality Control department of JDP group, Pang Zhenguo, said that the JDP cold tea continues to employ the secret recipe of Wang Zebang. The ingredients did not change, the only thing different is the trademark.

Personnel at Guang Yao group informed that the group will promote its 'Wang Lao Ji' cold tea in June.

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[1] 商标 shāngbiāo - Trademark

[2] 业内 yè nèi - Inside the industry

[3] 归属 guīshǔ - Belongs to

[4] 凉茶 liáng chá - Cold tea

[5] 上市仪式 shàngshì yíshì - Launching ceremony

[6] 自主 zìzhǔ - Takes the initiative, be one's own master

[7] 品牌 pǐnpái - Trademark

[8] 品管部 pǐnguǎn bù - Department of Quality Control

[9] 总经理 zǒngjīnglǐ - President, general manager

[10] 祖传秘方 zǔchuán mìfāng - Secret prescription/recipe

[11] 内涵 nèihán - Content, ingredients

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