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北京车展车模衣服过分暴露,被称“肉市”- The Beijing Automotive show is now called the "meat exhibition" print version
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A true scandal, bad values or simply a meaningless story that stays in the headlines only for the sexual images it displays? Anyhow, the 'interesting' dresses of the models in the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition are one of the hotests topics in China in the last days.

正举行的北京国际车展(Beijing International Automotive Exhibition)这几天在网络红了,只是红的不是车,而是各种穿着暴露[1]的模特[2]。自称"中国第一裸模[3]"的干露露(Gan Lulu),这次亮相北京车展。全身却有50%以上是裸露的。这名向来以"前卫[4]"[5]的"名人",在车展引起了大规模的客人。

万达集团(Wanda Group, specializes in commercial properties)董事[6]王思聪在微博(Weibo, China's biggest microblog)写到:"虽然每次车展都至少有50%男的是去看车模[7]的,但是这次北京车展之低俗[8]让我都吃惊。外国友人来了都搞不清楚我们是卖车还是卖肉啊......"。

4月26日,首都精神文明办('Beijing's Office for Civilized Spirit') 对2012北京国际汽车展览会中出现的不文明现象提出严肃批评[9]。车展中在宝马(BMW)等少数车模衣服过分暴露,造成不良社会影响。


Lu Lu with her eyecatching Auto-show dress

Beijing's International Automotive Exhibition that is held in these days is very popular on the internet, yet what is popular is not the cars but rather the provocative dresses of the models. Gan Lulu who calls herself "China's first nude model", went on the stage of this exhibition. More than 50% of her body was uncovered. This 'celebrity', who praises herself for being 'avant-garde', has attracted large crowds.

Director of the Wanda Group, Wang Sicong, wrote on his Weibo that "although in every car exhibition at least half of the men come to watch the car models, the vulgarity in this Beijing exhibition has even left me shocked. Foreigners who came don't understand whether we sell cars or sell 'meat'."

On April 26, 'Beijing's Office for Civilized Spirit' strongly criticized the uncivilized appearances in the 2012 Beijing's International Automotive Exhibition. In the exhibition of BMW and few other manufactures the clothes of the car models were too revealing, resulting in a negative social influence.

The organizers took immediate actions and said they will firmly prevent these scenes from happening again.

[1] 暴露 bàolù - Revealing, exposed (her referring to the models' dresses)

[2] 模特 mótè - Models

[3] 裸模 luǒmó - Nude model

[4]前卫 qián wèi - Avant-garde

[5] 诩 xǔ - Praise

[6] 董事 dǒngshì - Director, trustee

[7] 车模 chē mó - 'Car model'

[8] 低俗 dīsú - Vulgar

[9] 严肃批评 yánsù pīpíng - Strongly criticize

[10] 主办方 zhǔbàn fāng - Organizers

[11] 杜绝 dùjué - Put end to

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