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“狼爸”的行为遭到网友和专家的质疑 - The behavior of "Wolf Dad" is challenged by experts and internet users print version
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After the American Chinese 'Tiger Mom' has stirred controversy earlier this year, Xiao Baiyou, a Chinese business man, has decided to get some attention himself, publishing a book about how his tough violent parenting has proven successful, sending three out of four of his children to the prestigious Beijing University. Chinese netizens and scholars were surprised by the new phenomenon, overall rejecting the Wolf Dad approach. The following article is a column criticizing the 'stick education' promoted by Wolf Dad:

萧百佑(Xiao Baiyou, 'Wolf Dad')被称为"中国狼爸[1]",只要孩子的日常品行、学习成绩不符合他的要求,就会遭到严厉的体罚[2]。他的四个孩子中的三个被北京大学(Beijing University)录取。他的行为遭到众多网友[3]以及专家学者[4]的质疑。萧百佑坚称自己是"全天下最好的父亲",并表示"打"是家庭教育[5]中最精彩的部分。
有的人靠打孩子"成功"了,狼爸的母亲就是用打孩子来教育他的。这种教育方式会传染[8],而基本上是一种病态[9]的"心理补偿[10]"。 "中国狼爸"能走出中国吗?在一些欧美(Europe-US)国家当中,人家会想是不恰当。即便拿到一些教育管理严厉的国家当中去,也不会肯定狼爸教育方式。严厉不等于体罚。棍棒教育[11]是一种 "家庭暴政[12]"。

Xiao Baiyou, who is called China's 'Wolf Dad', says that as long as the daily behavior and the study achievements of his children don't match his demands, they are punished severely (corporal punishment). Three of his four children have enrolled in Beijing University. His behavior has been called in question by internet users and scholars. Still, Xiao Baiyou insists on calling himself 'the best father in the world', and said that 'hitting' is the most wonderful element in family education.

Is 'attending Beida' (Beijing University) indeed a sign of success? Even if these three children graduate smoothly and acquire a Beida diploma, this is still only a diploma, isn't it? Beida diploma isn't equivalent to wealth, and moreover isn't equivalent to success. It is unnecessary to regard such diploma as a 'stepping-stone to success', thus one shouldn't exaggerate by talking about the fact that 'three children enroll at Beida'.

Some people rely on hitting children in order to lead them to success. Wolf Dad has been hit by his mother, as she wanted to educate him. This type of education can be contagious, but it is basically an abnormal 'psychological compensation'. Can 'China's Wolf Dad' go out of China? In US and Europe people will think his conduct is inappropriate. Even in countries where education is tough, his education fashion would not be approved, as 'tough' doesn't mean using corporal punishment. 'Stick education' is a type of 'household tyranny'.

Original article published by 红网

[1]中国狼爸 zhōngguó lángbà - China's Wolf Dad; Xiang Baiyou, a Hong Kong businessman, who is currently promoting his book "That's Why They Go to Beijing University".

[2] 体罚 tǐfá - Corporal punishment, punishing children by beating them

[3] 网友 wǎngyǒu - Netizens

[4] 专家学者 zhuānjiā xuézhě - Expert scholars

[5] 家庭教育 jiātíng jiàoyù - Household education

[6] 文凭 wénpíng - Diploma

[7] 敲门砖 qiāo mén zhuān - Stepping-stone to success

[8] 传染 chuánrǎn - Contagious

[9] 病态 bìngtài - Abnormal

[10]心理补偿 xīnlǐ bǔcháng - 'Psychological compensation'

[11] 棍棒教育 gùnbàng jiàoyù - 'Stick education'; educating children through beating

[12] 暴政 bàozhèng - Tyranny

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