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心理健康月活动圆满结束 - The activities of the 'psychology health month' were finished successfully print version
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The Technician College of Jiangmen city has held the activity of 'psychological health month' beginning in March. The themes of this activity were 'health, enthusiasm, vitality', as an extensive psychological health education program was carried out in the campus. In order to allow girls, who are in their adolescence period, gain proper psychological health education, the school has managed to bring psychological teachers to give a lecture in front of a crowd of girl students. In the same time, this school has invited teachers from the Psychological Health Education Center to give a psychology knowledge lecture on March 28th, teaching students the topic of 'communication skills'. In addition, this school was also spreading and propagating the knowledge of psychological education, through the publicity channels of radio, blackboard newspapers and posters, carrying out discussions on mental problems which exist among students.

In order to allow students accept psychological health education happily, this school has organized many recreational activities through the student community. Activities included langsong (reading literature with expression) competitions, badminton competitions, basketball friendly games, calligraphy, board game training classes and more. These activities not only give a stage for students to express themselves, but also cultivate students' team spirit, thus they have very good education significance.

Jiangmen Technical School has went a step further in March, strengthening the service of its psychology counseling center, fully bringing into play the function of psychological health education. The school is appointing relevant advisor teachers to fix a time for meetings with students with psychological problemsm with whom they chat, encouraging such students to surmount their psychological obstacles, bravely confront studies and life. The school is also promulgating a psychology counseling hot-line, through the radio station and school website, allowing more students in necessity obtain help through such hot-line. 

Based on an article published in  江门日报, Jiangmen Daily, April 21st

This article describes the activities within the 'psychology health month' held in a school in Jiangmen. Similar activities were held in different schools throughout China during March and April

[1]江门市技师学院 jiāng mén shì jì shī xuéyuàn - Jiangmen Technician College

[2] "心理健康月活动" xīnlǐ jiànkāng yuè huódòng - 'Month of psychology health activities'; during March or April, many education institutes in China had such a month, introducing the issue of psychology and improvement of mental health to their students.

[3] 青春期 qīngchūnqī - Adolescence,

[4] 心理辅导师 xīnlǐ fǔdǎo shī- Psychology advisor

[5] 讲座 jiǎngzuò - Lecture

[6] 心理健康教育中心 xīnlǐ jiànkāng jiàoyù zhōngxīn - Center of psychology health education; a school organ, responsible for psychology counseling and the organization of activities that promote students' mental health

[7] "沟通的技巧" gōutōng de jìqiǎo - Communication skills

[8] 广播台 guǎngbō tái - Radio station

[9]黑板报 hēibǎn bào - Blackboard papers, bulletin board announcements

[10] 标语 biāoyǔ - Posters

[11] 学生社团 xuésheng shè tuán - Student community, Student Department

[12] 文体活动 wén tǐ huódòng - Recreational activities

[13] 朗诵 lǎngsòng - Literally- reading brightly; An activity of reading poems and literature out loud with expression and emotion

[14] 羽毛球 yǔmáoqiú - Badminton

[15]篮球友谊赛 lánqiú yǒuyì sài - Basketball friendly competition

[16]书法 shūfǎ - Calligraphy

[17] 棋艺培训班 qí yì péixùn bān - Training class for board-game skills

[18] 团队精神 tuánduì jīngshen - Team spirit

[19] 心理健康咨询室 xīnlǐ jiànkāng zīxún shì - Office of psychology (health) counseling; a center were students can attend meetings with psychology advisors

[20] 心理咨询热线 xīnlǐ zīxún rèxiàn - Psychology counseling hot-line; a psychology telephone service

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