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第四届国际·动物与自然电影周开始 - The 4th International Animal and Nature Film Festival begins print version
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8月18日至22日在四川省雅安市(Ya'an city, Sichuan province)将举行第四届中国·雅安国际熊猫·动物与自然电影周[1],这是国内唯一以"动物与自然"为主题的电影展评盛会[2]。来自20多个国家的近百部环保[3]主题电影将参加展评活动。



The Fourth China-Ya'an International Panda-Animal and Nature Film Festival will be held in the city of Ya'an, Sichuan province, between the 18th and 22nd of August. This is the only display-gathering in China, in which 'animals and nature' is the subject. Nearly 100 environmental protection movies from more than 20 countries will participate in the display activity.

At present, Ya'an has more than 300 wild Giant Pandas live, and 90 Giant Pandas living in captivity. Ya'an has the good reputation for being 'the Panda capital, the ecology paradise'. Along with the confirmation of the Giant Pandas' habitat in Sichuan as a World Heritage site. A core area of 52%of Ya'an has become the largest and most complete and important component of Giant Panda habitat in this world. From 2007 on, city government of Ya'an along with China Film Archive have organized the 3rd Ya'an Panda Film Festival. As a special field environmental-theme public-good movie activity, today Ya'an's Panda Film Festival is the largest scale international animal and nature movie interflow gathering in Asia. The main theme of The 4th Ya'an Panda Film Festival is 'Panda capital, green activity China', urging more people to show care form animals and nature, promoting a harmonious co-existence of humans and nature.

According to what is understood, in the period of The 4th Ya'an Panda Film Festival, a series of splendid activities will be presented one after the other. After the Film Festival ends, a series of international interflow meetings and an exhibition of a cooperation with the Macao International Film Festival will still be held, as well as other activities.

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[1]第四届中国·雅安国际熊猫·动物与自然电影周dìsì jiè zhōngguó yǎ ān guójì xióngmāo dòngwùyǔ zìrán diànyǐng zhōu - The 4th China-Ya'an International Panda 'Animals and Nature' Film Festival (or Week); The Ya'an Panda film week has been initiated in 2007, celebration environment protection and originating from the association of Ya'an with Panda protection

[2] 电影展评盛会 diànyǐng zhǎn píng shènghuì - Grand meeting of display, exhibition gathering

[3] 环保 huánbǎo - Environmental protection

[4] 野生 yěshēng - Wild

[5]大熊猫 dàxióngmāo - Giant Panda; a Panda specie which is found in Sichuan province

[6] 圈养 juàn yǎng - Rear livestock, in captivity

[7] 生态 shēngtài - Ecology

[8]天堂 tiāntáng - Paradise

[9] 美誉 měiyù - Good reputation

[10] 栖息地 qīxī dì - Habitat

[11] 世界自然遗产 shìjiè zìrán yíchǎn - UNESCO World Heritage site

[12] 组成部分 zǔchéng bùfèn - Component

[13] 市政府 shìzhèngfǔ - City government

[14] 中国电影资料馆 zhōngguó diànyǐng zīliào guǎn - China Film Archive; a Beijing film institute, which serves as a cinema, museum and movie library

[15] 公益活动 gōng yì huódòng - Public-good (or welfare) activity

[16] 交流盛会 jiāoliú shènghuì - 'Interflow' grand-meeting, a cultural event

[17] 绿动 lǜ dòng - Green movement

[18] 和谐相处 héxié xiāngchǔ - Harmonious coexistence

[19] 澳门国际电影周 àomén guójì diànyǐng zhōu - Macau International Film Festival; an annual movie festival held in Macau, China

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