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2011年少壮派富豪榜出台 - The 2011 list of China's 'rich & powerful' is published print version
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Hurun research center has published the "list of the 2011 young rich and powerful" on May 14th.  This time, the threshold for entering the rich and powerful list is wealth of 1 billion RMB, and altogether there are 56 up-and-coming rich and powerful on the list, who are all younger than 40. Among them, 11 own a wealth value that exceeds $1 billion, 44 who have started from scratch and 12 who have inherited wealth.

Yang Huiyan, 30 years old, is a second generation to the powerful rich parent. As the biggest shareholder of real-estate enterprise Biguiyuan, his wealth reaches 24 billion RMB. Number two and number three in the rank of the wealthiest second generation are director of the San An group, deputy president Lin Zhiqiang (age 37) and board chair member of Haixin Iron&Steel, Li Zhaohui (30), respectively.

In addition, Hurun points out that there are many new second generation rich who, because their individual wealth isn't easily evaluated, were left out of the list. Such people include Zong Fuli, daughter of board chair member of Wahaha, Zong Qinghou, Lu Weiding, son of Lu Guanqiu, board chair member of Wanxiang group, and more.

[1]胡润研究院 hú rùn yánjiū yuàn - Hurun research institute (, producer of the Hurun Report, a recognized authority for tracking changes among China's wealthy individuals. Robert Hooferwerf established the Hurun Report in 1999.

[2] 富豪 fù háo - Rich and powerful people

[3] 《2011年少壮派富豪榜》niánshào zhuàng pài fùháo bǎng - 'The 2011 List of Young Rich', or 'Richest Chinese under 40 Years', a list published by the Hurun Report on May 14th, stating the most noticeable young and wealthy Chinese.

[4] 白手起家 báishǒuqǐjiā - 'Start from scratch', here referring to wealthy people who reached success and wealth on their own, without inheriting family wealth

[5] 继承财富 jìchéng cáifù - Inherited wealth

[6] 新二代 xīn èr dài - 'New second generation'; rich who are sons or daughters to rich and powerful parents, the second generation of rich within a family lineage

[7] 房地产企业 fángdìchǎn qǐyè - Real estate enterprise

[8] 碧桂园 bì guì yuán - A well established real-estate enterprise in Guangdong province.

[9] 三安集团 sān ān jítuán - San An group, a Fujian province enterprise, established in 1992, currently employing 6000 workers, focusing on metallurgy of iron and steel.

[10] 董事 dǒngshì - Director, trustee

[11] 副总经理 fù zǒngjīnglǐ - Vice president

[12] 董事长 dǒngshìzhǎng - Board chair

[13] 娃哈哈 wá hāhā - Wahaha, A well known beverage manufacturing company, originated in Hangzhou

[14] 万向集团 wàn xiàng jítuán - Wanxiang group, a successful manufacture of vehicle parts

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