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唐慧被解除劳动教养 - Tang Hui was released from reeducation labor camp print version

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The public and media exposure of the story of Tang Hui, including hot internet discussions about the role of reeducation through labor (also known as labor camps) is a unique development in terms of Chinese state censorship and social discourse. What led to the early release of angry mother Tang Hui?

湖南省永州(Yong Zhou, Hunan province)"上访妈妈"[1]唐慧(Tang Hui)在被解除劳动教养[2]后,踏上了回乡之路。 


2012年6月5日,湖南省高级人民法院(the high people's court of Hunan province)做出决定,被告人[14]秦星、周军辉被判死刑,陈刚、刘润、蒋军军、兰小强被判无期徒刑[15],秦斌被判有期徒刑15年。

8月2日,湖南省永州市劳动教养管理委员(management board of reeducation through labor)会认为,唐慧严重扰乱了社会秩序[16],因此决定对其劳动教养一年零六个月。8月10日,湖南省劳动教养管理委员会调查认为,由于唐慧女儿还未成年,且身心受到严重伤害,决定撤销[17]永州市劳动教养管理委员会对唐慧的劳教决定。


Tang Hui heading home (photos by Xinhua); special bus for labor campers?

Tang Hui, the ''mother who seeks audience'' from Yong Zhou, Hunan province, was released from labor camp after two days and started to head home.

In October 2006, a case of 'an 11 year old child that was forced to prostitute herself' was revealed in Yong Zhou. Many people raped the victim Le Le and she was forced to prostitute herself. Only after three months her family and the police released her from a 'den of monsters'. This case had many twists and turns in court. Because of this, the victim's mother, Tang Hui, persisted to express her position in public for several years. She believes that during the trial a few local police officers were malfeasant in their duty and provided false material to the suspects. She demands that the court sentences the seven suspects to death and punish the police officers who were malfeasant and also asked for a compensation of 1,840,000 RMB.

On June 5 2012, the highest people's court in Hunan made its final ruling, sentencing defendants Qin Xing and Zhou Junhui to death, and Chen Gang, Liu Run, Jiang Junjun; Lan Xiaoqiang to life imprisonment; Qin Bin was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

On August 2, board of management of the labor reeducation in Yong Zhou expressed that Tang Hui strongly violated the social order, and hence decided to sentence her for 18 months of reeducation through labor. On August 10, the committee of the reeducation through labor investigated and found that since Tang Hui's daughter is still an adolescence, and moreover has suffered a severe pain both physically and mentally, it decided to cancel the decision to send Tang to labor reeducation.

After reuniting with her husband in Changsha on August 11, Tang Hui decided to return home for a fresh start. She told reporters that the love and help she was offered from people of all circles of society have melted her long lasting grudge. She said she only hopes that relevant governmental departments respect her lawful right. She said "I believe this world is glorious, I believe that good people have a peaceful life."  

Original article published by 新华网

[1] "上访妈妈" shàng fǎng māma - 'The mother who seeks audience', the nickname of Tang Hui

[2] 劳动教养 láodòngjiàoyǎng - Reeducation through labor, labor camp

[3] 卖淫 mài yín - Prostitute oneself

[4] 受害者 shòuhàizhě - Victim

[5] 强奸qiángjiān - Rape

[6] 民警 mín jǐng - Police officers

[7] 魔窟 mó kū - 'den of monsters'

[8] 波折 bōzhé - Twists and turns

[9] 渎职 dúzhí - Misconduct, malfeasance

[10] 犯罪嫌疑 fànzuì xiányí - Suspect

[11] 假材料 jiǎ cáiliào - False material

[12] 死刑 sǐxíng - Death sentence

[13] 赔偿 péicháng - Compensate

[14] 被告人 bèigào rén - Defendant

[15] 无期徒刑 wúqītúxíng - Life imprisonment

[16] 社会秩序 shèhuì zhìxù - Social order

[17] 撤销 chèxiāo - Cancel

[18] 各界人士 gèjiè rénshì - All circles of life

[19] 化解 huàjiě - Melt, dissolve

[20] 合法权利 héfǎ quánlì - Lawful rights

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