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台媒还原连胜文遭枪击现场 - Taiwanese Media Recalls the Lian Shengwen Shooting Incident print version
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据台湾媒体报道,中国国民党[1]荣誉主席连战之子、国民党中央委员连胜文26日晚遭枪击。 连胜文26日晚参加新北市议员候选人陈鸿源在台北晚会活动时,突遭1名持枪歹徒攻击。



According to Taiwan media reports, the son of the honored chairman of the Nationalist Party Lian Zhan, Central Committee member Lian Shengwen, was shot on the evening of the 26th of November.

Liang Shengwen when participating in an evening party of Chen Hongyuan, member of the municipal legislative assembly in Taipei, an evildoer carrying a gun suddenly attacked him. The host Xue Hongji said that Liang was standing on the stage (where there were 5 people altogether), facing the crowd, at the time of the attack. The assaulting man suddenly rushed up the stage from his left side, in a fast maneuver, bypassing his back, and immediately faced Lian Shengwen and began shooting. Liang Shengwen's face shed blood on the spot. Xue Hongji describes that the assaulter was on his side, the incident was very sudden. After being injured, Liang Shengwen walked several steps for about half a minute, with both feet soft and numb, almost tumbling. People near him hurriedly came to his aid, helping the still conscious Liang Shengwen lie down on the stage. After his left cheek was shot, the scene became chaotic. Police investigation team went on stage at once, keeping irrelevant personnel away, immediately arresting the assault suspect.

Working staff member Zhang Xing expressed that after Lian Shengwen's left cheek was shot, Chen Hongyuan who was standing next to him hurriedly supported Lian, pressing down the wounded left cheek. Lian Shengwen was still conscious at the time. He says that blood blocked his nostrils so he couldn't breath, therefore Zhang Xing's working staff immediately helped him clear away blood from the nostrils. Lian Sehngwen's driver drove him to the hospital at top speed, transferring him to the emergency room.

[1] 中国国民党 (zhōngguó guómíndǎng) - The Guomingdang (Kuomingtang), The National Party of the Republic of China (Taiwan), founded by Sun Yat-sen in 1912, currently the ruling party of Taiwan.

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