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自杀成为我国15岁到34岁人群的首位死因 - Suicide has become the first cause of death among Chinese in ages 15-34 print version
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As the 'international suicide day' took place earlier this month, many media groups published data concerning suicide rates in China. It is interesting that many articles referred to a study conducted as far back as year 2000 by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention 国家疾控中心. 

据了解, 2000年进行的调查[1]结果显示,我国自杀[2]率为22.23/10万,每年约有25万人死于自杀,200万人自杀未遂[3],自杀已经成为我国人群第五大死因[4],是15岁到34岁青壮[5]人群的首位死因。




According to what is understood, a surveys conducted in the year 2000 demonstrates that China's suicide rate is 22.23 per 10,000. Every year approximately 250,000 people commit suicide and there are 2 million attempt suicides. Suicide has already become the fifth biggest death cause among Chinese and it is the most common cause among people in ages 15-34.

Among suicide causes, depression is the most common problem that leads to suicide, as it increases the risk of suicide by 20 times; Anxiety increases the risk of suicide by 6-10 times; Alcohol addiction increases such risk by 6 times. Patients suffering from acute diseases are more likely to become depressed, and thus they are in high suicide risk.

In order to improve people's suicide prevention capacity, people in need are encouraged to seek initiatively for the help of professionals. According to the analysis of psychology experts, suicide has become the main death cause among young-middle aged people. This group experiences high levels of stress, bringing about severe mental problems.

Young-middle aged people (ages 15-34) are generally divided into two types: The first is students between middle school and university, while the second is young parents who have just 'joined the society' by getting married and starting one's career. These two groups are undertaking huge pressure. The former faces a heavy study burden, as well as one's maturation emotions, finding a job and other aspects which add pressure. One the other hand, young-middle aged people who 'enter the society' are facing work, financial burdens, children education and other real-life problems. Much of the psychological stress of young-middle aged people cannot be released, and thus they ultimately walk through the tragic road of suicide.

[1] 调查 diàochá - Survey, study

[2] 自杀 zìshā - Suicide

[3] 自杀未遂 zìshā wèisuì - Suicide attempt

[4] 死因 sǐ yīn - Death cause

[5] 青壮年 qīng zhuàng nián - Young-middle aged

[6] 抑郁 yìyù - Depression

[7] 危险性 wēixiǎn xìng - Danger

[8] 焦虑 jiāo lǜ - Anxiety

[9] 酒精依赖 jiǔjīng  yīlài - Alcohol addiction

[10] 躯体疾病 qūtǐ jibing - Body disease

[11] 患者 huànzhě - Patient, one suffering from a disease

[12] 预防自杀 yùfáng zìshā - Suicide prevention

[13] 专业人士 zhuānyè rénshì - Professionals

[14] 心理专家 xīnlǐ zhuānjiā - Psychology experts

[15] 成家立业 chéngjiā lìyè - Get married and start a career

[16] 前者 qiánzhě - Former

[17] 成长 chéngzhǎng - Growing up, maturation

[18] 释放 shìfàng - Release

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