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石化双雄将对外停止批发成品油 - Sinopec and CNPC are about to stop the wholesale of their oil products print version
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The monopoly of oil giants Sinopec and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is reaching new levels, as the companies aim to stop wholesale of products. This is one of several steps that threaten to wipe out privately run gas stations throughout China.

4月6,中石化销售公司(Sinopec)内部人士[1]透露,在内蒙古等多个地区,石化双雄(Sinopec and CNPC)正商讨对外停止批发[2]成品油[3],保证直销[4]及零售[5]的可行性[6],可能先在部分地区试点,为下一步在全国推广做准备。 据石化双雄年报[7]数据显示,2011年成品油零售较2010年增长明显,而直销和批发量有下降。如果石化双雄调整销售政策,越来越多的民营加油站[8]将面临油源不足的问题。



On April 6, Sinopec personnel revealed that Sinopec and CNPC are deliberating over stopping wholesale of oil products in Inner Mongolia and many other regions. This would ensure the feasibility of direct or retail sales of products. Sinopec and CNPC might try this in several regions first, preparing to extend this throughout entire China. Data of annual reports of Sinopec and CNPC show that their retail sales of oil products in 2011 increased significantly compared to 2010, but there is a drop in direct and wholesale sales. If the companies regulate their market policies, many privately run gas stations will face shortage of resources.

If Sinopec and CNPC stop wholesale of oil, it will be difficult to preserve privately run gas stations, because they will face high prices of oil. If they depend on direct sales, their supply will be insufficient.

Since the end of 2010 when China faced a large-scale shortage of oil, Sinopec reduced the wholesale quantity of its products, while raising retail sales. In recent years, Sinopec's gas station maintains a growth of approximately 1.4%. By the end of 2011 it owned 30121 stations. The number of Sinopec franchised stations was reduced from 515 in 2010 to 15 in the end of 2011. Sinopec is strongly promoting the strategy that franchised station return to become independently operated.


Original article published by 每日经济新闻

[1] 内部人士 nèibù rénshì - Internal personnel

[2] 批发 pīfā - Wholesale

[3]成品油 chéngpǐn yóu - Oil products

[4] 直销 zhí xiāo - Direct sale

[5] 零售 língshòu - Retail

[6] 可行性 kěxíngxìng - Feasibility

[7] 年报 nián bào - Annual report

[8] 民营加油站mín yíng jiāyóuzhàn - Privately run gas stations

[9] 油荒yóu huāng - Shortage of oil

[10] 缩减 suōjiǎn - Reduction

[11] 增速 zēng sù - Speed of growth

[12] 特许经营 tèxǔ jīngyíng - Franchising

[13] 自营 zì yíng - Operate independently

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