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上海卫生部门对11-15火灾伤员和家属实施心理干预 - Shanghai`s Public Health Department is Providing Psychology Counseling to the People Wounded in the November 15th Fire Calamity print version
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The Public Health Departments of Shanghai and Jingan district have organized 14 psychological intervening groups, aiming to provide psychological support aid and treat the wounded in the 13 help sites for the "11.15" fire disaster accident.

In the press conference held on the afternoon of November 18th, Xu Jianguang, the director of Shanghai's Public Health Department, revealed that recently already 48 psychology experts were added up and assigned to arrive separately to 11 sites, while two medical treatment and curing centers are exercising mental aid. The psychological counseling work concerning the fire disaster this time started off very promptly. Every hospital, when receiving and treating the wounded, was already actively carrying out metal counseling services. When the fire disaster took place that day (November 15th), 12 psychological consulting professionals in Jingan were promptly attending the location, launching psychological counseling for more than 50 people. At 6 am on November 16th, the city's public health department established "11.15" psychology counseling work teams and expert groups, as well as assigned special task psychology intervening groups to arrive immediately to the special sites, and the hospitals providing treatment launched mental support for patients, people hit by the disaster, family members and more. 

According to the info presented, psychology assistance began more than two days ago. Health departments promptly comprehended the data, concerning the mental health condition of the city's residents. Starting off with the grasping of the object of psychological support needed to be carried out, the sorrow and anxiousness of many people, have already been relieved by psychological counseling working personnel. The focus of counseling in the next step is directed at exceptional cases, strengthening mental support towards personal character damages; probing psychological group counseling for people hit by the disaster; fully bringing into play the function of the 12320-5 mental support hotline, as a consulting channel.Currently,

Health departments have already been urgently printed out "How should we confront the situation after calamity strikes", publishing the materials in 3000 copies, including sending it out to each special site. In addition, 24 hours working shifts of the psychology counseling groups' members have been set to be carried out in 11 residential sites.

[1] 上海市卫生局 (shànghǎishì wèishēng jú) - Shanghai`s Public Health Department

[2] 静安 (jìngān) - A central district in the city of Shanghai

[3] 心理干预 (xīnlǐ gānyù) - `Psychological or mental interference`, here referring to psychological counseling services.

[4] "11•15"- November 15th, the short name for the tragic event which took place on that date (2010), in which a fire which was accidently started in a high story building in Shanghai`s Jingan district killed more than 50 people.

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