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山东德州医院回应死婴事件 - The Shandong Dezhou hospital responds to the incident of the disposed infant corpses print version
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An unpleasant story broke out in Shandong province this weeks, as corpses of 16 fetuses were thrown near a river bank by a local hospital (the dead fetuses were removed through abortions or other surgeries). Now the hospital expresses a public apology and announcing the suspension of the workers responsible.

近日有媒体报道称,在"山东德州(Dezhou city, Shandong province)某桥下[1]出现了多具婴儿尸体[2],有的甚至被扔到了马路上"。

今天上午,德州市妇幼保健院('Maternity and Children's Hospital')发表致歉[3]声明[4]:


Media reports from recent days stated that "many infant corpses were found under a certain bridge in Dezhou, Shandong province. Some were even thrown near the road."

Today in the morning, Dezhou's 'Maternity and Children's Hospital' has expressed an apology:

"Concerning the fetuses' remains which were discovered near the intersection of the 38 road in Dezhou city on February 28; the hospital worker Zhang Jinhe has violated hospital regulations. He handled the fetus' remains in an inappropriate secretive manner. The person in charge is already suspended while the case is being investigated, and the person responsible directly was already expelled. We express a public apology for the negative effect this matter has brought about! We shall supervise regulations more strictly."  

Original article published by 齐鲁网

[1] 桥下 qiáo xià - Under a bridge

[2] 婴儿尸体 yīngér shītǐ - Corpses of infants

[3] 致歉 zhì qiàn - Apologize

[4]声明 shēngmíng - Announcement

[5] 交叉路口 jiāochā lùkǒu - Road intersection

[6] 胎儿遗体 tāiér yítǐ - Remains of fetuses

[7] 违反 wéifǎn - Violate

[8] 不当 bùdàng - Inappropriate

[9] 负责人 fùzérén - Person in charge

[10] 停职检查 tíng zhí jiǎnchá - Suspended while investigation takes place

[11] 开除 kāichú - Expelled

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