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传章子怡“陪睡”赚7亿 - Rumors say that Zhang Ziyi slept with powerfull men for 700 million RMB print version

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Zhang Ziyi, the famous actress and the women who has produced more scandals than acting performances, is now facing a new embarrassing situation. A newspaper in Hong Kong claims that Zhang has slept with several rich businesspersons and government officials (including Bo Xilai) for money. The police is investigating the case and Zhang Ziyi this time could face more trouble than merely a shattered reputation.

章子怡(Zhang Ziyi)最近陷入[1]了"陪睡事件"[2],让她名誉[3]再度下降。近日,网络盛传[4]章子怡"陪睡"富商[5],获利7亿元,并被调查、限制出境[6]。消息并透露,章子怡没能参加近日戛纳电影节(Festival de Cannes)《一代宗师》('The Grandmasters', a new martial art Cantonese film)的宣传,是因为被要求接受调查。

就在"陪睡事件"还未平息[7]的时候,章子怡又被爆出[8]与央视(CCTV)著名主持人[9]撒贝宁(Sa Beining)热恋[10]中,两人多次约会,甚至还秘密游览黄山(Huang Shan, Yellow Mountain)。



Zhang Ziyi has recently been tangled in the "(sex) escorting incident." This has damaged her reputation once more. In the past few days, the internet spread that Zhang Ziyi escorted and slept with rich businessmen, earning 700 million RMB. This is being investigated and Zhang is not allowed to leave the country. After this news was revealed, Zhang could not participate in the propagation of the movie 'The Grandmasters' at the Cannes Film Festival, due to the current investigation.

As the "escorting incident" had yet to quiet down when it was also revealed that Zhang Ziyi is now passionately dating famous CCTV host Sa Beining. The two spent many dates together and even secretly traveled to the Yellow Mountain.

Zhang Ziyi's side said that they would take legal measurements. Zhang's group also published an open letter and even sent a lawyer's letter to the media group that published this news.

Zhang Ziyi also expressed her attitude towards this case for the first time recently: "This 'so called' news is a false rumor. There is only slander and smear. I have expressed my approach very clearly. No matter what is the price I have to pay, I will take legal steps to uncover the truth."

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[1] 陷入 xiànrù - Fall into, get involved in

[2] "陪睡事件" péi shuì shìjiàn - "(Sexual) escort incident/scandal", the scandal according which Zhang Ziyi had sex with wealthy businesspersons for a high sum of money

[3] 名誉 míngyù - Reputation

[4] 盛传 shèngchuán - Make widely known

[5]富商 fù shāng - Rich merchants/businessmen

[6]限制出境 xiànzhì chūjìng - Restricted not to leave the country

[7] 平息 píngxī - Resolve, quiet down

[8] 爆出 bào chū - Break out, exposed

[9] 主持人 zhǔchí rén - Host

[10] 热恋 rèliàn - Passionate love

[11] 法律手段 fǎlǜ shǒuduàn - Legal measures

[12] 公开信 gōngkāixìn - Open letter

[13] 律师函 lǜshī hán - Letter from a lawyer

[14] 谎言 huǎngyán - False rumor

[15] 诽谤和污蔑 fěibàng hé wūmiè - Slander and smear

[16] 追究到底 zhuījiū dàodǐ - Uncover the truth, reach the bottom of things

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