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人人网计划今年赴美上市 募集约5亿美元 - RenRen ( Plans to go on Public on the US Market this Year, to Collect about $500 Million print version
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北京时间2月21日消息,据《金融时报》[1]报道,国内社交网站人人网[2](计划今年赴美国上市,计划募集约5亿美元资金。德意志银行(Deutsche Bank)等几家银行担任承销商。

此前,上海市场研究机构RedTech Advisors分析师Michael Clendenin就曾表示,人人网可能正在为IPO做准备,而人人网的竞争对手开心网[3]也在筹备IPO。



人人网总经理Donna Li称曾经表示,在功能和组件方面,人人网的服务基本与Facebook一样,但更适合中国市场。人人网首席执行官[9]陈一舟(Joe Chen)与公司发言人[10]以及德意志银行均未对此事发表评论。
On February 21st, according to report of 'Financial News', Chinese social network site 'Ren Ren Wang' ( plans to go on the American market this year, aiming to collect about $500 million of investments. Deutsche Bank and several others investing banks handle this procedure.

Before this, analyst of the Shanghai market research organizations RedTech Advisors, Michael Clendenin, had claimed in the past that RenRen are probably preparing for an IPO (initial public offering), and RenRen's competitor 'Kaixin Wang' is also planning an IPO.

RenRen Wang, which was previously named 'XiaoNei', was established on December 2005, one year after Facebook. It is China's earliest 'campus social network'. On August 2009, XiaoNei changed its name to RenRen Wang. At present, RenRen has 160 million registered users.

According to the review in 'Financial News', since Facebook still didn't go on the market, among social network sites that hope to be invested and have a growing notion of IPO, RenRen has possibly become the only practical option. This situation is similar to micro blogs; While Twitter has still not gone on the market, investors can purchase stocks of Chinese internet sites which offer micro-blog service, such as Sina, Tercent and Sohu.

President of RenRen Wang Donna Li has said in the past that in the function and module aspects, the service RenRen provides is basically identical to Facebook, though it is more suitable to the Chinese market. Joe Chen (Chen Yizhou), seat of honor executive in RenRen, and the company's spokesman, as well as Deutche Bank, have yet to comment on this news report.

[1] 《金融时报》jīnróng shíbào - 'Financial News', a newspaper established in 1987, managed by the People's Bank of China and providing news about Chinese economy related topics, as well as international economic trends.

[2] 人人网 rén rén wǎng - 'Everyone Network',, China's biggest internet social network. The name Ren Ren shows an intention of attracting users from all circles of the Chinese society, unlike the former name of the company Xiao Nei (see 4).

[3] 开心网 kāixīn wǎng -, another successful Chinese social network. (For a Thinking Chinese article on KaiXin Wang press here).

[4] 校内网 xiào nèi wǎng - 'Campus (or 'inner campus') Network', the original name of RenRen. Since this social network was originally established by students of Beijing's Qinghua University, and was addressed to university students, Xiao Nei was an appropriate name. Now with growing aspirations of the company, this social network addresses 'everyone'.

[5] 微博 wēi bó - 'Micro-blog',  a service provided by some social network site and programs (such as Twitter), of sending short messages, status reports, personal opinions, etc, which reach friends who share the same 'community'.

[6] 新浪 xīn làng, [7] 腾讯 téng xùn, [8] 搜狐 sōu hú - 'New wave',; 'Gallop news', Tercent (also known as; 'Search Fox', - Chinese internet portals, which provide users some social network applications.

[9] 执行官 zhíxíng guān - Executive.

[10] 发言人 fāyánrén - Spokesman.

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