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《人山人海》在威尼斯获赞,结尾不完美 - 'Ren Shan Ren Hai' is praised at the Venice Film Festival, though the film's ending is 'not perfect' print version

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'Ren Shan Ren Hai', a film by director Cai Shangjun, surprised many when being chosen to screen in the 2011 Venice Film Festival. The film, which wasn't so popular in China, shows the tough and painful side of China's countryside.

蔡尚君[1](Cai Shangjun)导演[2]的影片《人山人海》近日作为惊喜影片在威尼斯电影节(Venice Film Festival)上进行了展映,外媒[3]对影片的评价[4]不错,认为这部讲述复仇[5]的影片很吸引人,只是结尾[6]可能不太完美。

影片讲述了一次神秘的复仇之旅,过程比结果重要得多,这部来自中国蔡尚君导演的《人山人海》很吸引人,即使附加了一个令人难以理解的结尾。《红色康拜因》之后的第二部长片,导演代领观众[7]来到中国的西南方(southwest China),从一个地点到另一个。叙事[8]在最后的关键镜头[9]破灭,严重削弱了影片的吸引力。

影片的英文(English)片名(People Mountain People Sea)是中国式英语[10],用来表示人很多的样子,也许表达了导演对于想要表现中国穷人的生存状况的野心[11]。

主角[12]老铁(Lao Tie, name of leading character)因为自己的兄弟被杀,而准备骑着摩托[13]向杀人凶手[14]复仇。老铁先到了杀人凶手的老家,还和其母亲吃了一顿饭。之后老铁又来到了重庆(city of Chongqing)。从城市到城镇再到乡村,影片的细节代替语言表现了一种强烈的情感。从主角身上,观众可以看到人性[15]的火花[16]和一丝幽默[17]。

Director Cai Shangjun's film 'Ren Shan Ren Hai', has become a pleasant surprise among films shown in the Venice Film Festival. Foreign media gives the movie good critics, claiming that the movie, that narrates revenge, is very appealing to the audience, only its ending is perhaps not perfect.

The film narrates a mysterious revenge journey, where the process is much more important than the result. 'Ren Shan Ren Hai', directed by Chinese Cai Shangjun, is very attractive to the audience, even if it has an ending which is difficult to understand. In his second movie, after 'The Red Awn', the director takes the spectators to the southwest of China, from one point to another. As the story reaches a key point, the camera is shattered, weakening the movie's appeal significantly.

The English name of the movie 'People Mountain People Sea' is a Chinglish name. The expression (ren shan ren hai 人山人海) is used to express 'many/numerous people' and perhaps it also expresses the director's ambition to show the living conditions of China's poor.

Leading character Lao Tie, is preparing to ride a motorcycle and revenge by killing the murderer of his brothers. Lao Tie first arrives at the house of the murderer, and even eats a meal with his mother. Later, Lao Tie arrives to Chongqing again. From the city to the town and to the countryside, the movie details substitute language in expressing intense emotions. Through the leading character, spectators can see human spark and some humor.

Original article published by 电影网

[1] 蔡尚君 cài shàng jūn - Cai Shangjun; Chinese director and screenwriter, who previously directed the film 'The Red Awn' 红色康拜因, 2007.

[2] 导演 dǎoyǎn - Director

[3] 外媒 wài méi - Foreign media

[4] 评价 píngjià - Evaluation, criticism

[5] 复仇 fùchóu - Revenge

[6] 结尾 jiéwěi - Ending, finale

[7] 观众 guānzhòng - Spectators

[8] 叙事 xùshì - Narrate a story

[9] 镜头 jìngtóu - Camera-lens, movie shot

[10] 中国式英语 zhōngguóshì yīngyǔ - Chinglish; English translation of Chinese which translated word by word, instead of expressing the overall meaning

[11] 野心 yěxīn - Wild ambitions

[12] 主角 zhǔjué - Leading role, protagonist

[13] 摩托 mótuō - Motorcycle

[14] 杀人凶手 shārén xiōngshǒu - Murderer, assassin

[15] 人性 rénxìng - Human nature

[16] 火花 huǒhuā - Spark, passion

[17] 幽默yōumò - Humor

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