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清华大学办“时尚女性班”,学费就高达4.8万元 - Qinghua University is opening a program for 'fashionable women', study fee is 48,000 RMB print version
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A new one-year certificate program, offered by the prestigious Qinghua University has sparked the curiosity of many Chinese readers. The focus on gender and modern women studies is one of the interesting aspects of it, and the other is the ridiculous high price of the program, indicating that it addresses a narrow fragment of the urban society. Like many new interesting phenomena, this program illustrates some changing trends in Chinese society while it certainly is not representative of the high-education sphere.

清华大学(Qinghua University)美术学院(Faculty of Fine Arts)主办的"天下行--时尚女性[1]高级研修班"已经开始招收第二期学员了。学制一年,共240学时[2],听当地艺术、古典名著[3]、陶瓷[4]珠宝[5]鉴赏、亲子教育[6]、女性礼仪[7]和服饰搭配[8]等课程,学费就高达4.8万元。


对于研修班的高学费,有网友感慨道:"是女人的钱好赚,还是清华的牌子硬[12]?"另有网友的评论则很刻薄[13]:"上这个班的一半是小三[14],还有一半是对抗小三的。"但也有网友在看了研修班的课程介绍后觉得很有吸引力:"羡慕那些有钱报名的女人, 纯粹为了兴趣、没有考试压力[15]地上课。"更多网友则认为:"4.8万元也许对人家来说算不了什么[16]呢,花钱买个开心的社交,何乐而不为[17]呢?""

The course "Universal behavior - High level research class about Fashionable Women" of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Qinghua University is already recruiting students for the second study term. Studying one year, altogether 240 class hours, such training includes learning about local arts, classical novels, ceramics and jewelry appreciation, parent-child education, women etiquette and matching of clothes and adornment. The total study fee is 48,000 RMB.

The specific content of this course is mixed and includes the state of women in contemporary Chinese society, traditional culture and women self-cultivation, feminine art and more. In addition, there are optional courses: A journey (field trip) to Spanish art, a journey to Milan's fashion and more. The teachers giving lessons in this training include famous photographers.

Concerning the high tuition of this research course, one netizen sighed and wrote: "Is it that the women earn good money or that Qinghua's rank is high?" The comment of another netizen was harsh: "Half of the students in this course are 'xiao san' (women who are in affair with a married man), and half are trying to resist xiao san." Yet some netizens felt this course is attractive after reading its curriculum: "I envy the wealthy women that registered, who are purely interested in this topic and don't have the pressure of exams when attending classes." More netizens believe that "48,000 RMB are perhaps not much for some people. They spend money and buy 'happy social connections, what's so bad about that?"

Original article published by 北青网 

[1] 时尚女性 shíshàng nǚxìng - Fashionable women

[2]学时 xuéshí - Class hours

[3]古典名著 gǔdiǎn míng zhù - Classic works/novels

[4] 陶瓷 táocí - Ceramics

[5] 珠宝 zhūbǎo - Jewelry

[6]亲子教育 qīn zǐ jiàoyù - Parent-child education

[7] 女性礼仪 nǚxìng lǐyí - Women etiquette

[8] 服饰搭配 fúshì dāpèi - The matching (pairing) of dress with adornment

[9] 修养 xiūyǎng - Self cultivation

[10] 选修课程 xuǎnxiū kèchéng - Optional courses

[11] 摄影家 shèyǐng jiā - Photographer

[12] 牌子硬 páizi yìng - High rank, top class

[13] 刻薄 kè bó - Harsh

[14] 小三 xiǎo sān - "The little third"; a woman whose in an affair with a married man

[15] 考试压力 kǎoshì yālì - Exam pressure

[16] 算不了什么 suàn bùliǎo shénme - Doesn't count much, isn't a lot

[17] 何乐而不为 hé lè ér bù wéi - What is bad about it? What is there against it?!

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