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国邮政龙年邮票的图案被指过于凶横 - People criticize the new Dragon Year post stamp for being over violent print version
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据称有知情人士[7]透露,这枚2012龙年邮票由著名设计师[8]陈绍华设计,其设计灵感来源于皇帝龙袍[9]的金龙图案,并参考[10]了清代(Qing Dynasty)九龙壁[11]的造型。画面采用龙正面角度,表现出龙的威严[12]。


生肖[15]集邮研究会会长(Director All-China Philatelic Federation)周治华表示,"壬辰龙"的设计人们心理上总希望生肖邮票的生肖形象设计得温顺可爱[16]、喜庆[17]一些,这次龙票的设计有了较大的变化,人们感到一时不太适应,可以理解。"他认为,生肖龙本身就是威严神灵[18]之物,其本领神奇[19]无比,这正是令人崇敬[20]。


The (Chinese) New Year is almost here, a Dragon Year stamp, exposed in advance, has evoked hot discussions on the internet. This stamp is a traditional image of a gigantic dragon. The dragon is opening its mouth wide, is facing the front, and has five claws forcefully open. On the upper right it's written 'The 29th year of the Sexagenary Cycle'.

Personnel involved have revealed that this 2012 Dragon Year stamp was designed by famous designer Chen Shaohua. His inspiration comes from the golden dragon image on the imperial robe of the emperor. The designer has also referred to the model of the Qing Dynasty's '9 dragon wall'. The front angle of the dragon in the design expresses the dignity of the dragon.

This stamp fails to receive unanimous good responses from internet users. Some people believe that this dragon image is too violent and not likeable. Yet some people believe that this image is not only dignified, but also a vivid reflection of the dragon image, which Chinese people have in their minds.

President of the Director All-China Philatelic Federation, Zhou Zhihua, says that "concerning the stamp of 'the 29th year of the Sexagenary Cycle'; when it comes to stamps of the 12 symbolic animals, people hope in their hearts that the creature will be obedient, likeable and joyous. This time, the stamp design shows a big transformation and people aren't quite used to it, this is understandable." He believes that the symbolic dragon is itself a dignified divine creature and its magical skills are unmatchable, earning people's esteem.

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[1] 龙年 lóngnián - Dragon Year, the coming year of the Chinese zodiac

[2] 邮票 yóupiào - Stamp

[3] 热议 rè yì - Hot discussions, debates

[4] 正面朝前z hèngmiàn cháoqián - Front side facing the front

[5] 龙爪 lóng zhuǎ - Dragon claws

[6]壬辰年rén chén nián - The 29th year of the Sexagenary Cycle, a cycle of 12 years

[7] 知情人士 zhīqíng rénshì - Personnel who know, insiders

[8] 设计师 shèjìshī - Designer

[9] 皇帝龙袍 huángdì lóng páo - An imperial robe of the emperor (which in some dynasties included a dragon design)

[10] 参考 cānkǎo - Reference, source

[11] 九龙壁 jiǔlóng bì - Nine Dragon Wall; screen walls with dragon designs that have been added to several of China's imperial palaces and gardens

[12] 威严 wēiyán - Dignity, prestige

[13] 一致好评 yīzhì hǎopíng - Unanimous positive response, favorable comment

[14] 凶横 xiōnghèng - Brutal, violent

[15] 生肖 shēngxiào - The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac

[16] 温顺可爱 wēn shùn kěài - Obedient and likeable

[17] 喜庆吉祥 xǐqìng - Joyous

[18] 神灵 shén ling - Divine, diety

[19] 神奇 shénqí - Magical

[20] 崇敬 chóngjìng - Esteem

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